/ hEUp; hop/ n
[C, U] ~ (of/for sth); ~ (of doing sth/that...) desire for sth to happen, combined with the expectation that it will 希望; 期望: cherish a/the hope that he will recover 希望他恢复健康 * a ray of hope, ie a slight hope 一线希望 * Our hopes for fine weather were not disappointed. 我们盼望天气好, 这倒并未落空. * We've set/pinned all our hopes on you. 我们全指望你了. * She has (high) hopes (ie is very confident) of winning. 她对胜利充满信心. * Don't give up hope yet. 不要就此失去信心. * There is not much hope that they are/hope of their being still alive. 他们仍然活着的希望不大. * All hope (of finding them) was abandoned and the search was called off. (找到他们的)一切希望都已化为泡影, 因而搜寻工作停止了.
[C usu sing 通常作单数] person, thing or circumstance that encourages hope 使人抱有希望的人﹑ 事物或情况: You are my last hope; if you can't help, I'm ruined. 你是我最後的希望, 你要是帮不了我, 我就完了. * Does our only hope of survival lie in disarmament? 我们求生的唯一希望就在於裁军吗?
(idm 习语) be beyond hope have no chance of succeeding, recovering, etc (成功﹑ 痊愈等)毫无希望. build up/raise sb's hopes encourage sb to expect better fortune, etc 使某人抱有希望: Don't raise his hopes too much. 不要让他存有奢望. dash/shatter sb's hopes cause sb to lose hope 使某人失望; 使某人的希望破灭: All our hopes were dashed by the announcement. 这事宣布後, 我们的一切希望都落空了. a forlorn hope => forlorn. have a hope (of doing sth) have a chance of succeeding, recovering, etc 有(成功﹑ 痊愈等的)希望: He has no hope of winning. 他没有希望获胜. hold out (some, not much, little, no, etc) hope (of sth/that...) provide (some, etc) reason to expect sth 对(某事物)抱(一些)希望: The doctors held out no hope of recovery. 医生们对痊愈不抱希望. in the hope of sth/that... because of the wish for sth/that... 怀着...的希望: I called in the hope of finding her at home. 我希望她能在家才给她打的电话. live in hope; live in hope(s) of sth => live2. not have a hope in hell have no chance at all 不抱任何希望. not a `hope; ,some `hope! (there is) no chance at all (that that will happen) 毫无指望: `He might turn up with the cash.' `Some hope!' ‘他也许会带钱来.’‘那是妄想!’
> hope v [I, Ipr, Tf, Tt] ~ (for sth) 1 (a) desire and expect (sth) or feel confident (about sth) 希望, 期待(某事物); (对某事物)有信心: We haven't heard from him for weeks but we're still hoping (for a letter). 我们已经有好几个星期没有听到他的消息了, 但是仍然在盼望着(能有信来). * I hope to announce the winner shortly. 我希望马上宣布胜利者的名字. (b) wish (sth); desire 但愿(某事物); 想望: `Will it rain tomorrow?' `I hope not/so.' ‘明天会下雨吗?’‘但愿不会下[能下].’ * We hope (that) you're well. 我们希望你健康. 2 (idm 习语) ,hope against `hope (that)... continue to hope for sth even though it is very unlikely 对某事物仍抱一线希望. ,hope for the `best hope for a favourable result 希望获得好结果.
# `hope chest (US) = bottom drawer (bottom).
NOTE ON USAGE 用法: Compare hope and wish as verbs. 试比较作为动词的hopewish.
1 Hope (that) indicates a desire relating to the past, present or future *hope (that)指与过去﹑ 现在或未来有关的希望: I hope you weren't late. 我希望你没有迟到. * I hope you're ready. 我希望你已经准备好了. * We hope you'll be very happy. 我们希望你非常幸福. Wish (that) expresses regret about the past, present or future *wish (that)表达的是过去﹑ 现在或将来发生的令人遗憾的事: I wish I hadn't gone to that party, ie but I went. 我那时要是不去参加聚会就好了(但是我去了). * I wish I could speak Chinese, ie but I can't. 我要是会说汉语该多好(但是我不会说). * I wish I was going on holiday next month, ie but I'm not. 我要是下个月去度假多好哇(但是我不能去).
2 Hope and wish can also be used with an infinitive, in which case their meanings are closer. *hopewish亦可与不定式连用, 此时两者意义较为接近. She hopes to get a job overseas means she has a strong desire to get one and there's a good possibility that she will. *She hopes to get a job overseas(她希望找个海外的工作)意为她有此强烈愿望并极有可能实现. She wishes to get a job overseas is a formal way of saying that she wants to get one. *She wishes to get a job overseas(她盼望找个海外的工作)是表达她有此愿望的郑重说法.