/ 5CnIst; `BnIst/ adj
(a) (of a person) telling the truth; not cheating or stealing (指人)诚实的, 老实的: an honest witness, businessman 可靠的证人﹑ 商人. (b) (of a statement) frank, sincere and direct (指陈述)坦白的, 真诚的, 直率的: give an honest opinion 提出坦诚的意见 * Do you like my dress? Please be honest! 你喜欢我的连衣裙吗? 请说真话! (c) showing or resulting from an honest mind 显示心地诚实的; 由诚意产生的:an honest face 一副诚实的面孔 * He looks honest enough,but can we trust him? 他看起来倒挺诚实, 但我们能信得过他吗? * She's never done an honest day's work (ie worked hard and conscientiously) in her life. 她一辈子从来没有实实在在地(努力而认真地)干过一天活儿.
(of wages, etc) fairly earned (指工资等)以正当手段挣得的: make an honest living 靠正当的收入生活.
(of actions, etc) sincere but undistinguished (指行为等)踏实而平平的.
(idm 习语) earn/turn an honest `penny earn money by working hard and fairly 以正当的手段凭努力工作挣钱. honest to `God/`goodness (infml 口) truthfully 实在地: Honest to goodness, I didn't do it. 老天爷可以作证, 我没有做过这件事. make an honest `woman of sb (dated joc 旧, 谑) marry sb after having had a sexual relationship with her 与某女人发生性关系後娶其为妻. to be (quite) `honest (about it/with you) (catchphrase 警语) (used to emphasize that one is speaking frankly 用以强调所言出自真心): To be honest, I don't think we have a chance of winning. 说实话, 我认为我们没有获胜的可能.
> honest adv (infml 口) truthfully 实在地: It wasn't me, honest! 说实话, 那不是我!
honestly adv
1 in a truthful and fair way 以公平而正当的方式: deal honestly with sb 与某人公平交易.
2 (used for emphasis 用以加强语气) really 的确: I don't honestly know. 我的确不知道. * Honestly, that's all the money I've got! 我的的确确只有这点钱了!
3 (used to show disapproval and impatience 用以表示不赞成和不耐烦): Honestly! What a fuss! 真是大惊小怪!
# ,honest-to-`goodness adj [attrib 作定语] plain and simple; genuine; straightforward 实打实的; 真正的; 率直的: a bit of honest-to-goodness hard work 一点真正吃力的工作.