2 / hEUld; hold/ n
(a) [sing] act or manner of holding sb/sth; grasp; grip 拿; 抓; 抱; 咬; 托; 支撑: She kept a firm hold of her little boy's hand as they crossed the road. 横过马路时, 她紧紧地牵着她那小男孩的手. * He lost his hold on the rope. 他未能抓住绳索. (b) [C] particular way of holding an opponent, etc 抓紧对手等的某种方式; 擒拿(法): wrestling holds 摔交中的擒拿法.
[sing] ~ (on/over sb/sth) influence 影响: He has a tremendous hold over his younger brother. 他对他弟弟很有影响.
[sing] ~ (on sb/sth) power or control of sb/sth 左右某人[某事物]的能力; 对某人[某事物]的控制: The military has tightened its hold on the country. 军方加强了对这个国家的控制.
[C] place where a climber can put his hands or feet when climbing 攀登者可手攀或脚踏之处: There are very few holds on the cliff face. 峭壁的正面可供手攀或脚踏的地方很少. Cf 参看 foothold (foot).
(idm 习语) catch, get, grab, seize, take, etc `hold of sb/sth take sb/sth in the hands 抓住﹑ 拿住﹑ 握住某人[某物]: I threw the rope and he caught hold of it. 我把绳子扔了过去, 他一把就抓住了. * I managed to grab hold of the jug before it fell. 我设法抓住了那个罐子才未跌落. get hold of sb/sth (infml 口) (a) find and use sth 找到某物以供使用: Do you know where I can get hold of a second-hand carpet cleaner? 你知道我在哪里可以弄到旧的地毯除尘器吗? * Wherever did you get hold of that idea? 你那想法究竟是从哪里来的? (b) contact or find sb 与某人联系; 找到某人: I've been trying to get hold of her for days but she's never at home. 我找了她好几天, 她始终不在家.