3 / haI; haI/ adv
at or to a high position or level 高; 高高地: An eagle circled high overhead. 一只鹰在高空盘旋. * I can't jump any higher. 再高些我就跳不了啦. * He never got very high in the company. 他在公司里所担任的职务, 从来就不是很高的. * aim high, ie be ambitious 胸怀大志 * pay high, ie pay a high price 付出高价.
(of sound) at or to a high pitch (指声音)音调高: I can't sing that high. 我唱不了那麽高的调门儿.
(idm 习语) be/stand ,high in sb's `favour be well regarded by sb 为某人所赏识. fly high => fly2. ,high and `low everywhere 到处: I've searched high and low for my lost pen. 我到处寻找丢失的钢笔. hold one's head high => head1. play `high play a card of high value 打出一张大牌. ride high => ride2. run `high (a) (of the sea) have a strong current with a high tide (指大海)波涛汹涌. (b) (esp of feelings) be intense (尤指情绪)高涨: Passions ran high as the election approached. 选举日期临近, 人们情绪很高涨.