2 / haI; haI/ n
high or highest level or number (最)高水平; (最)高数值: Profits reached a new high last year. 去年所获得的利润达到了一个新的最高点.
area of high barometric pressure; anticyclone 高(气)压区; 反气旋: A high over southern Europe is bringing fine sunny weather to all parts. 欧洲南部上空的反气旋给各地区带来了晴朗的好天气.
(sl 俚) feeling of extreme pleasure or excitement caused by a drug 由麻醉品引起的快感.
(idm 习语) on `high (a) in a high place 在高处: The climbers gazed down from on high. 攀登者从高处向下眺望. (b) in heaven 在天上: God on high 天上的神 * The disaster was seen as a judgement from on high. 这一灾难被视为上天的惩罚.