1 / haI; haI/ adj (-er, -est)
(a) (of things) extending far upwards; having a relatively big distance from the base to the top (指物)高的: a high fence, forehead, mountain 高的栅栏﹑ 额头﹑ 山 * high heels 高跟 * How high is Mt Everest? 埃佛勒斯峰?即珠穆朗玛峰?有多高? (b) having a specified distance from the base to the top 有某一高度的: knee-high boots 齐膝高的靴子 * The wall is six feet high. 这墙高六英尺. (c) situated far above the ground or above sea level 离地面或海拔很高的: a high ceiling, shelf 高的天花板﹑ 搁板 * fly at a high altitude 在高空飞行. (d) being above the normal level 超过正常高度的: a jersey with a high neck 高领紧身针织套衫. (e) (of a physical action) performed at or reaching a considerable distance above ground (指动作)在距离地面相当高处进行的或达到相当高度的: a high dive, kick 高台跳水﹑ 踢高球. =>Usage at height 用法见height. Cf 参看 low.
[usu attrib 通常作定语] ranking above others in importance or quality 高级的: a high official 高级官员 * a man of high standing 身分高的人 * refer a case to a higher court 将案件提交上级法院处理 * high society, ie the upper classes 上流社会 * I have this information on the highest authority. 我有最高当局的这一方面资料.
(a) above the normal; extreme; intense 超乎寻常的; 极度的; 强烈的: a high price, temperature, fever, speed, wind, living standard 高价﹑ 高温﹑ 高烧﹑ 高速﹑ 大风﹑ 高的生活水平 * high voltage, blood pressure, praise 高电压﹑ 高血压﹑ 高度的赞扬 * The cost in terms of human life was high. 人命的损失很大. * I have high hopes of passing the exam. 我考试极有希望能及格. * A high degree of accuracy is needed. 需要有高度的准确性. * be in high spirits, ie be very cheerful 兴高采烈 * a high Tory, ie one holding traditional Conservative opinions 坚持保守党传统观点的人. (b) of great value 价值高的; 数值大的: play for high stakes 豪赌 * My highest card is a ten. 我最大的牌是十点. (c) [attrib 作定语] extravagant; luxurious 奢侈的; 铺张的: indulge in high living 奢靡无度 * enjoy the high life 过奢侈生活. (d) [usu attrib 通常作定语] (of aims, ideas, etc) morally good; noble; virtuous (指目标﹑ 思想等)高尚的, 崇高的, 有道德的: have high ideals 具有崇高的理想 * a woman of high principle 有崇高道德原则的女子. (e) [usu attrib 通常作定语] very favourable 极讨人喜欢的; 极有利的: have a high opinion of/high regard for sb 极赞许某人. (f) [attrib 作定语] (most) enjoyable (最)令人愉快的: the high point of the evening 晚会的高潮.
(of a sound) at or near the top of the musical scale; not deep or low (指声音)尖利的, 高音调的: the high voice of a child 孩子的尖利的嗓音 * The note was too high for him. 这音符太高, 他唱不了.
[attrib 作定语] (of time) fully reached (指时间)已届时的, 全盛的: high noon 正午 * high summer, ie the middle of the summer 盛夏.
(of a gear) allowing greater speed of a vehicle in relation to its engine speed (指变速器)高挡的: You can change into a higher gear now you're going faster. 你既然已加快了速度, 就可以换上高挡了.
[pred 作表语] (of meat, etc) beginning to go bad (指肉等)开始变质: Some game-birds are kept until they are high before cooking. 有些猎获的飞禽一直保存到开始变质才烹制.
[usu pred 通常作表语] ~ (on sth) (infml 口) under the influence of (esp drugs or alcohol) 受到(尤指麻醉品或酒精饮料?影响: be/get high on cannabis 因吸食大麻而神魂恍惚.
(idm 习语) be/get on one's ,high `horse (infml 口) act haughtily 趾高气扬; 盛气凌人. have/give sb a `high old time (infml 口) enjoy oneself/entertain sb in a very exuberant or jolly way 玩得很痛快[使某人玩得很痛快]. hell or high water => hell. ,high and `dry (of a ship) stranded; aground (指船)触礁, 搁浅: (fig 比喻) He left her high and dry in a strange country without any money. 他把她遗弃在异国他乡, 身无分文, 处於困境. ,high and `mighty (infml 口) arrogant; haughty 倨傲不逊的; 盛气凌人的: There's no need to be/get so high and mighty with me! 用不着对我摆架子! ,high days and `holidays festivals and special occasions 节日和假日. ,high `jinks (infml 口) noisy and mischievous fun 狂欢作乐; 胡闹. a high/low profile => profile. high/about time => time1. in ,high `dudgeon angry and indignant 极其愤怒: He stalked off in high dudgeon. 他极其愤怒地昂首阔步走开了. in ,high `places among people of power and influence 在有权势的人当中: She has friends in high places. 她有一些很有势力的朋友. smell, stink, etc to high `heaven (infml 口) (a) have a strong unpleasant smell 发恶臭. (b) seem to be very dishonest, corrupt, etc 极不诚实的﹑ 极腐败的等: The whole scheme stinks to high heaven don't get involved in it. 整件事十分卑鄙龌龊--可别陷了进去.
# `high-born adj of noble birth 出身高贵的.
,high `chair infant's chair with long legs and an attached tray, for use at meals (幼童吃饭时坐的)高脚椅(附有托盘). =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, page xvi.
,High `Church section of the Church of England that emphasizes ritual and the authority of bishops and priests 高派教会(英国国教之一派, 注重仪式以及主教和牧师的权威). ,High-`Churchman / -mEn; -mEn/ n (pl -men / -mEn; -mEn/).
,high-`class adj
1 of high quality; excellent 高级的; 上等的: a ,high-class `restaurant 高级餐厅.
2 of high social class 上流社会的.
,high `colour unusually red complexion 发红的脸色.
,High Com`mission embassy of one Commonwealth country in another (英联邦中一国派驻另一国的)高级专员公署. Cf 参看 consulate1. ,High Com`missionerhead of this (equivalent to an ambassador) (英联邦中一国派驻另一国的)高级专员(相当於大使).
,High `Courturt (also ,High Court of `Justice) supreme court for civil cases (审理民事案件的)高等法院.
,higher `animals, `plants, etc animals, plants, etc that are highly developed and have a complex structure 高级动物﹑ 植物等(进化程度高﹑ 构造复杂者).
,higher edu`cation education and training at universities, polytechnics, etc 高等教育.
,high ex`plosive very powerful explosive with a violent shattering effect 高爆炸药; 烈性炸药.
high-falutin / 9haI fE5lu:tn; 9haIfE`lutn/ adj (infml 口) pompous; pretentious 浮夸的; 矫饰的: high-falutin ideas, language 妄自尊大的思想﹑ 浮夸的语言.
,high fi`delity (also `hi-fi) reproduction of sound (by radios, record-players, tape-recorders, etc) that is of high quality, with little or no distortion of the original sound (收音机﹑ 电唱机﹑ 录音机等复制声音的)高保真度.
,high-`flown adj (of language, etc) extravagantly grand and pretentious (指语言等)浮夸的, 言过其实的.
,high-`flyer (also high-flier) n person with the ability or ambition to be very successful 有能耐的人; 有抱负的人; 野心勃勃的人. ,high-`flying adj.
,high `frequency (abbr 缩写 HF) radio frequency of 3 to 30 megahertz 高频(指无线电频率由3至30兆赫).
,High `German standard written and spoken German 高地德语(书面和口头使用的标准德语).
,high-`grade adj of high quality 高级的; 优质的: ,high-grade `petrol 高级汽油.
,high-`handed adj using power or authority without considering the opinions and wishes of others 专横的; 高压的: a ,high-handed `person, `action 专横的人﹑ 做法. ,high-`handedly adv. ,high-`handedness n [U].
the `high jump 1 athletic contest of jumping as high as possible, over an adjustable horizontal bar 跳高(比赛): enter for the high jump 参加跳高比赛. 2 (idm 习语) be for the high jump (infml ) be likely to be severely punished 可能遭受严厉惩罚: If you're caught stealing you'll be for the high jump. 偷东西被人抓住就要受到严厉的惩罚.
`highland / -lEnd; -lEnd/ adj
1 of or in mountainous regions 高地的; 高原(地区)的.
2 Highland of or in the Scottish Highlands 苏格兰高地的: Highland cattle (苏格兰出产的)高原牛 * Highland dress (苏格兰的)高地人服装. n 1 [C usu pl 通常作复数] mountainous part of a country 高原地区; 山岳地带. 2 the Highlands[pl] the mountainous part of Scotland 苏格兰高地. =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, pages xiv, xv. `highlander n person who lives in the Scottish Highlands 苏格兰高地人.
,Highland `fling lively Scottish dance 高地舞(一种轻快的苏格兰舞蹈).
,high-`level adj [usu attrib 通常作定语] (of negotiations, etc) involving very senior people (指谈判等)高层次的, 高级别的: ,high-level `talks, `conferences, etc 高阶层的会谈﹑ 会议等.
,high-level `language computer language that is close to ordinary language and usu not machine-readable 高级语言(接近日常语言的计算机语言, 通常并非机器可读的).
`high life (in W Africa) popular style of music and dance (非洲西部的)一种流行的音乐舞蹈形式.
high-minded / 9haI 5maIndId; `haI`maIndId/ adj having or showing a noble and virtuous character 情操高尚的; 思想境界高的. ,high-`mindedly adv. ,high-`mindednessn [U].
,high-`octane adj (of petrol) having a high percentage of a certain octane and thus of good quality (指汽油)高辛烷值的, 优质的.
,high-`pitched adj
1 (of sounds) shrill; high in pitch3(3a) (指声音)尖锐的, 声调高的: a ,high-pitched `whine 尖声的哀叫.
2 (of roofs) steeply sloping (指屋顶)坡度
大的, 陡的.
,high-`powered adj [usu attrib 通常作定语] 1 (of things) having great power (指事物)强有力的: a ,high-powered `car, `rifle, `engine 马力很大的汽车﹑ 火力很强的步枪﹑ 大功率的发动机. 2 (of people) forceful and energetic (指人)劲头很足的, 精力旺盛的: high-powered business executives 干劲十足的商务行政人员.
,high `pressure
1 condition of the atmosphere with pressure above average 高压的; 高气压的: a ridge of high pressure 高压脊.
2 energetic activity and effort 积极的行动; 极大的努力: work at high pressure 极其紧张地工作 * [attrib 作定语] ,high-pressure (ie aggressive and persistent) `salesmanship 强行推销术.
,high-`priced adj expensive 高价的; 昂贵的.
,high `priest chief priest 大祭司: (fig 比喻) the high priest of modern technology 现代技术的权威.
,high-`principled adj honourable 光明正大的: a,high-principled `person, `deed 光明正大的人﹑ 行为.
,high-`ranking adj of high rank; senior 级别高的; 显要的: a ,high-ranking `army officer 高级军官.
`high-rise adj [attrib 作定语] (of a building) very tall, with many storeys (指建筑物)高层的: a high-rise office block 高层办公大楼. n such a building 高层大楼.
`high road main road 大路; 公路干线: (fig 比喻) take the high road (ie the most direct way) to happiness 走上幸福的康庄大道.
`high school (esp US) secondary school; school providing more advanced education than a primary or middle school 中学; 高中.
the ,high `sea (also the high seas) the open seas beyond the legal control of any one country 公海.
,high `season time of year when most visitors regularly come to a resort, etc (旅游活动的)旺季: Hotels usually raise their prices in (the) high season. 在旅游旺季, 旅馆通常提高收费.
`high-sounding adj (of language, etc) pretentious; high-flown (指语言等)夸张的, 言过其实的.
,high-`speed adj [usu attrib 通常作定语] (that can be) operated at great speeds (适於)高速操作的: ,high-speed `trains.
,high-`spirited adj 1 lively and cheerful; vivacious 兴高采烈的; 活泼愉快的. 2 (of a horse) frisky (指马)活蹦乱跳的.
`high spot (infml 口) outstanding event, memory, etc; most important feature 突出的事件﹑ 记忆等; 最重要的特点: The excursion was the high spot of our holiday. 我们那个假日的最大乐趣是远足.
`high street (esp in names) main street of a town, with shops, etc (尤用於街名)大街(市镇的主要街道): Oxford High Street 牛津大街 * [attrib 作定语] high-street banks, shops, etc 主要大街上的银行﹑ 商店等.
,high `table table on a raised platform where the most important people at a public dinner or in a college sit to eat 聚餐会上或学院里为最显要人士特设的置於较高平台上的餐桌.
,high `tea (Brit) early evening meal of cooked food, usu with tea 傍晚茶(傍晚用的膳食, 通常有茶).
,high-`tech adj (infml )
1 involving high technology 高技术的.
2 (of interior design, etc) imitating styles more common in industry, etc (指室内装饰等)仿工业等中的常见式样的.
,high tech`nology advanced technological development高技术.
,high `tension high voltage 高电压: [attrib 作定语],high-tension `cables 高压电缆.
,high `tide (a) tide when at its highest level 高潮. (b) time when this occurs 高潮时期.
,high `treason treason against one's country or ruler 叛国罪; 叛逆罪.
`high-up n (infml ) person of high rank 上面(居高位的人, 上级).
,high `water = high tide. ,high-`water mark 1 mark showing the highest level reached by the sea or by flood waters 高水位线(标明海水或洪水所达到的最高水位). 2 (fig 比喻) highest point of achievement 成就的顶点.
,high `wire high tightrope ?紧的绳索.