/ hi:l; hil/ v
[I, Ip, Tn] ~ (over/up) (cause sth to) become healthy again (使某物)康复: The wound healed slowly. 伤口愈合得很慢. * The cut soon healed over/up, but it left a scar. 伤口不久就愈合了, 但却留下了伤疤. * the healing powers of sleep 睡眠的治疗作用 * The wound is not yet healed, ie has not yet been covered by new skin. 伤口尚未愈合(尚未长出新皮).
(a) [Tn] cause (sth) to end; make easier to bear 使(某事物)完结; 使好受一些: heal a quarrel 平息一场争吵 * Time heals all sorrows. 时间可化解一切忧伤. (b) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (of sth) (arch 古) restore sb to health; cure sb (of a disease) 使某人康复; 治愈某人(的疾病): The holy man healed them of their sickness. 那位神职人员治好了他们的疾病.
> healer n person or thing that heals 进行治疗的人或物: Time is a great healer. 时间就是良药.