/ hR:nt; hRnt/ v [Tn]
(of ghosts) visit (a place) regularly (指鬼魂)常出没於(某处): a haunted house 经常闹鬼的房子 * A spirit haunts the castle. 那座城堡中常有幽灵出现.
be in (a place) very often 常到(某处): This is one of the cafes I used to haunt. 这是我以前常去的一家咖啡馆.
return repeatedly to the mind of (sb) 经常浮现於(某人)脑际: a haunting melody 萦绕心头的曲调 * a wrongdoer haunted by fear of discovery 经常提心吊胆怕被人发现的作恶者 * The memory still haunts me. 那回忆仍然萦回在我的脑际.
> haunt n (often pl 常作复数) place visited frequently by the person or people named (某某人)常去之处: This pub is a favourite haunt of artists. 这家小酒店是艺术家们喜欢光顾的地方. * revisit the haunts of one's youth, ie the places where one spent one's time then 重游年轻时的旧地.