/ 5hB:vIst; `hBrvIst/ n
(a) [C] cutting and gathering of grain and other food crops 收割; 收获. (b) [C, U] season when this is done 收获季节; 收获期: Farmers are very busy during (the) harvest. 在收获季节里农民非常忙碌. (c) [C] (amount of the) crop obtained 收成; 收获量: gather in the harvest 收庄稼 * a succession of good harvests 连续的好收成 * This year's wheat harvest was poor. 今年小麦收成不好.
[C] (fig 比喻) consequences of any action 结果: reap the harvest of (ie be rewarded for) one's hard work 获得辛勤劳动的成果.
> harvest v [I, Tn] gather (a crop); reap 收割(庄稼); 收获: The farmers are out harvesting (the corn). 农民们在地里收割(作物). harvester n
1 person who harvests crops; reaper 收割庄稼的人; 收获者.
2 machine for cutting and gathering grain, esp the type that also binds the grain into sheaves or threshes the grain 收割机; (尤指兼能綑紮或脱粒的)联合收割机. Cf 参看 combine2 2.
# ,harvest `festival service of thanksgiving in Christian churches after the harvest has been gathered 秋收感恩礼拜(基督教教会於收获後所举行的仪式); 秋收感恩节.
,harvest `home (esp Brit) celebration organized by farmers for their workers after the harvest has been gathered 收获节祝宴(收获後农场主人为雇工举行的家宴).
,harvest `moon full moon nearest to the autumn equinox (22 or 23 September) 9月22日或23日秋分前後的满月.