/ 5hB:mEnI; `hBrmEnI/ n
[U] agreement (of feelings, interests, opinions, etc) (感情﹑ 兴趣﹑ 意见等)相符, 一致: working towards harmony in international affairs 致力使国际事务协调一致.
[C, U] (instance of a) pleasing combination of related things 协调; 匀称: the harmony of colour in nature 自然界色彩的协调 * The designer's aim is to produce a harmony of shape and texture. 设计者的目标是要使外观与材料的特性两者统一起来.
(a) [U] (music 音) (study of the) combinationof different notes at the same time to produce chords和声(学): The two sang in harmony. 这两人用和声演唱. (b) [C] sweet or melodious sound 美妙动听的声音;乐声. Cf 参看 concord, discord.
(idm 习语) in harmony (with sb/sth) agreeing; matching 协调一致; 相配: live together in perfect harmony, ie peacefully and happily 住在一起十分融洽 * His tastes are in harmony with mine. 他的爱好与我的相同.