/ gQt; ^Qt/ n
guts [pl] (infml 口) (a) internal organs of the abdomen (腹腔的)内脏: a pain in the guts 肚子疼. (b) (fig 比喻) essential (mechanical) parts of sth 某物的重要(机械)部分: remove the guts of a clock 除去钟的机芯.
guts [pl] (fig infml 比喻, 口) courage and determination 勇气与决心; 胆量; 魄力: a man with plenty of guts 很有魄力的人 * have the guts to do sth 有胆量做某事.
[C] (a) (anatomy 解) lower part of the alimentary canal; intestine 消化道的下段; 肠: dissecting a frog's gut 解剖蛙的肠. (b) (infml 口) abdomen; stomach 肚子; 胃: his huge beer gut, ie made fat by drinking beer 他的大啤酒肚.
guts [sing or pl v] (infml 口) person who eats a lot 饭量大的人: He's a real greedy guts. 他真是贪吃的大肚汉.
[U] thread made from the intestines of animals, used surgically for sewing wounds, and for violin and tennis-racket strings; catgut 肠线(用作外科的缝合线及小提琴和网球拍的弦).
(idm 习语) hate sb's guts => hate. slog/sweat one's `guts out (infml 口) work very hard, to the point of exhaustion 拚命干.
> gut v (-tt-) [Tn]
1 take the guts out of (a fish, etc) 取出(鱼等)的内脏.
2 destroy the inside or contents of (a building, room, etc) 毁坏(建筑物﹑ 房间等)的内部或内部的东西: a warehouse gutted by fire 内部为火焚毁的仓库.
gut adj [attrib 作定语] instinctive rather than based on thought 本能的﹑ 非理性的: a gut feeling/reaction 本能的感觉[反应].
gutless adj cowardly 怯懦的; 胆小的.
gutsy / 5gQtsI; `^QtsI/ adj (-ier, -iest) (infml 口) full of courage and determination 充满勇气和决心的: a gutsy fighter 坚定无畏的战士.