/ gQn; ^Qn/ n
[C] any kind of firearm that fires bullets or shells from a metal tube 炮; 枪: Look out, he's got a gun! 小心, 他拿着枪呢! * a warship with 16-inch guns 装有16英寸口径大炮的军舰 * ma`chine-guns 机关枪. =>illus 见插图.
the gun [sing] signal to begin a race, given with a starting pistol (用发令枪发出的)起跑信号; 发令枪声: Wait for the gun! 等着发令枪响!
[C] tool that forces out a substance for injecting; device for fixing sth 喷射用具; 用以固定某物的装置: a `grease-gun 注油枪 * a `staple-gun U钉枪.
[C] person using a sporting gun as a member of a shooting party 猎手.
[C] (US infml 口) gunman 杀手; 枪手: a hired gun 雇佣枪手.
(idm 习语) going great guns => great. jump the gun => jump2. spike sb's guns => spike v. stick to one's guns => stick2.
> gun v (-nn-)
1 (idm 习语) be gunning for sb (infml 口) be looking for an opportunity to attack or criticize sb 寻找机会攻击或批评某人.
2 (phr v) gun sb down (infml 口) shoot sb, esp so as to kill or seriously injure him 射倒某人(尤指使之伤亡).
# `gunboat n small warship carrying heavy guns or long-range missiles 炮艇. ,gunboat di`plomacy (fig 比喻) diplomacy backed by the threat of force 炮舰外交(以武力威胁作後盾之外交政策).
`gun-carriage n wheeled support of a big gun, or part on which a gun slides when it recoils 炮架.
`gun cotton cellulose material impregnated with nitric acid, used as an explosive 强棉药; 硝化棉(用作炸药).
`gun dog dog trained to help in the sport of shooting (eg by collecting shot birds) 猎犬.
`gunfire n [U] firing of a gun or guns 炮火.
`gunman / -mEn; -mEn/ n (pl -men / -mEn; -mEn/) man who uses a gun to rob or kill people 持枪抢劫或杀人的歹徒: terrorist gunmen 极可怕的持枪歹徒.
`gun-metal n [U] alloy of copper and tin or zinc 炮铜; 青铜(铜与锡或锌的合金): [attrib 作定语] gun-metal grey, ie a dull blue-grey colour 铁灰色(暗蓝灰色).
`gunpoint n (idm 习语) at `gunpoint while threatening or being threatened with a gun 在枪口威胁下: rob a bank at gunpoint 用枪威胁抢劫银行.
`gunpowder n [U] explosive powder used in guns, fireworks, blasting, etc 火药.
`gunroom n room in a large country house, in which sporting guns are kept (乡村大宅中的)藏枪室.
`gun-runner n person engaged in the secret and illegal importation of firearms into a country, eg to help arevolt 私运军火者(如以帮助叛乱). `gun-running n [U]activity of a gun-runner 私运军火.
`gunshot n (a) [C] shot fired from a gun (射出的)炮弹或枪弹: the sound of gunshots 枪炮声. [attrib 作定语] gunshot wounds 枪炮造成的伤口. (b) [U] range of a gun (枪或炮的)射程: be out of/within gunshot 射程以外[].
`gunsmith n person who makes and repairs small firearms 造枪及修枪工人.