1 / 9gArEn5ti:; 9^ArEn`ti/ n
(a) ~ (against sth) promise (usu in writing) that certain conditions agreed to in a transaction will be fulfilled (交易的)保证, 保证书: The watch comes with a year's guarantee, ie a promise to repair it free for a year after purchase. 这手表保修一年. * It's still under guarantee (ie The guarantee is still valid), so the manufacturer will repair it. 保证书还有效, 所以厂家会给修理的. * provide a guarantee against rust 保不生锈 * You have our guarantee! 我们给你产品保证! * The Soviets are demanding certain guarantees about verification before signing the treaty. 苏联人要求得到有关核实的某些保证後才签约. (b) ~ (of sth/that...) promise given by one person to another that he will be responsible for seeing that sth is done (eg payment of a debt by another person) 担保, 保证(如另一人偿还债务): give a guarantee of (one's/sb's) good behaviour 对(自己的[某人的])良好品行给予保证. (c) document, property, etc offered as security for carrying out the conditions in a guarantee (作为保证物的)契据﹑ 财产等; 抵押品: `What guarantee can you offer?' `I can offer my house as a guarantee.' ‘你用什麽做抵押?’‘我可以拿房子抵押.’ Cf 参看 security 3.
person who promises to be responsible for seeing that sth is done 保证人; 担保人: Are you willing to be a guarantee of your friend's good behaviour, ie undertake to make sure that he behaves himself properly? 你愿担保你朋友品行良好吗? * be sb's guarantee for a loan from the bank 做某人从银行贷款的保证人.
~ (of sth/that...) (infml 口) thing that makes an event likely to happen 担保(某事可能发生)的事物: Blue skies are not a guarantee of continuing fine weather. 蔚蓝的天空不一定担保天气持续晴朗. * There's no guarantee she won't reject them all, ie She may well do so. 不能保证她不会全盘否定.