/ grEU; ^ro/ v (pt grew / gru:; ^ru/, pp grown/grEUn; gron/)
[La, I] increase in size or quantity; become greater (体积或数量的)增加; 变大: How tall you've grown! 你都长这麽高了! * A growing child needs plenty of sleep. 正发育的孩子必须睡眠充足. * She wants to let her hair grow, ie not have it cut short. 她要留头发. * You must invest if you want your business to grow. 要想使生意扩大, 必须投资.
[I, Ipr] ~ (from sth) (into sth) develop, esp into a mature or an adult form 生长; 发育(尤指成熟或成年): Rice does not grow in a cold climate. 稻在寒冷的气候下不能生长. * Plants grow from seeds. 植物是由种子发育而成的. * Tadpoles grow into frogs. 蝌蚪能长成蛙. * (fig 比喻) grow in stature, wisdom, etc 提高名望﹑ 增长智慧.
[La] become (gradually) (逐渐)变成; 渐变: grow old(er), rich(er), etc 变得年纪大(些)﹑ 富(些)等 * grow small(er), weak(er), etc 变得年纪小(些)﹑ 弱(些)等 * It began to grow dark. 天渐渐黑了. * I grew tired of waiting, and left. 我等得不耐烦了就走了.
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (from sth) cause or allow sth to grow 使某物生长; 种植: grow roses 种玫瑰 * grow a beard 蓄胡须 * grow onions from seed 用种子种洋葱.
[It] reach the point or stage at which one does the specified thing 达到做某事的程度或地步: He grew increasingly to rely on her. 他越来越依赖她了. * She has a hot temper, but you will soon grow to like her. 她脾气躁, 但不久你就会喜欢她了.
(idm 习语) big, etc oaks from little acorns grow => oak. let the grass grow under one's feet => grass1. (not) grow on trees be (not) plentiful, easily obtained, etc (不)多, 易获得等: Don't spend so much money doesn't grow on trees, you know. 别花这麽多--钱不是容易挣的.
(phr v) grow away from sb come to have a less close, less easy relationship with sb 与某人逐渐疏远﹑ 不太融洽: a teenage girl growing away from her mother 跟自己的母亲逐渐疏远的少女. grow into sth (no passive 不用於被动语态) (a) become sth (gradually, with the passage of time) 渐渐成为或变得: She is growing into a beautiful young woman. 她渐渐出落成美丽的姑娘. * He has grown into an old miser. 他已经变成老守财奴了. (b) become big enough to fit (clothes) 长得大以适合於(衣服): The coat is too big for him now, but he will grow into it. 这上衣他现在穿还太大, 等他长大些再穿就合适了. (c) become accustomed to (a new job, role or activity) 变得习惯於(新工作﹑ 角色﹑ 或活动): She is a good actress, but still needs time to grow into the part she is playing. 她是个好演员, 但仍需要时间去熟悉她要扮演的角色. grow on sb (no passive 不用於被动语态) (a) become more firmly established in sb 对某人的影响变得更深: a habit that grows on you if you are not careful 若不在意就变成根深蒂固的习惯. (b) come to have a greater attraction for sb; win the liking of sb 渐渐对某人产生更大的吸引力; 赢得某人的喜爱: a book, piece of music, etc that grows on you 渐渐把人迷住的书﹑ 乐曲等. grow out of sth (a) become too big to wear sth 长得高大而不能穿某物: grow out of one's clothes 长得高大致使穿不下自己原来的衣服. (b) become too old for sth and stop doing it 年龄增长不再做某事: grow out of children's games, etc 年龄大了不再做儿童游戏等. (c) (no passive 不用於被动语态) have sth as a source 由某事物而产生: My interest in the art of India grew out of the time I spent there during the war. 战争时期我在印度时对其艺术产生了兴趣. grow up (a) (of people or animals) reach the stage of full development; become adult or mature (指人或动物)长大; 成年; 成熟: She's growing up fast. 她长得很快. * Oh, grow up! ie Behave in a more mature way. 噢, 别那麽不懂事了(表现得成熟些吧)! Cf 参看 grown up (grown). (b) develop 发展: A close friendship gradually grew up between them. 他们之间的友谊日益亲密.
> grower n (usu in compounds 通常用以构成复合词)
1 person who grows things 种植者: a `fruit-grower 种果木者 * `rose-growers 种玫瑰者.
2 plant that grows in a certain way 以某种方式生长的植物: a quick grower 早熟植物.
growing adj increasing 增长中的; 发展中的: his growing indifference to her 他对她的逐渐冷淡 * a growing problem 越来越大的问题 * a popular club with a growing membership 会员不断增多﹑ 广受欢迎的俱乐部. `growing pains (a) pains in the limbs of young children, popularly believed to be caused by rapid growth 发育期痛(儿童或少年的四肢疼痛, 一般认为系因发育迅速所致). (b) (fig 比喻) problems arising while a new enterprise is developing 新事业发展过程中所产生的问题: The business is still suffering from growing pains. 该企业在发展中仍面临许多难题.