2 / grEUs; ^ros/ adj (-er, -est)
repulsively fat 过於肥胖的; 太胖的: a gross person 过胖的人 * He's not just fat. He's positively gross! 他不只是胖. 他是过於肥胖!
(fml 文) not refined; vulgar; coarse 不雅的; 粗俗的; 粗野的: gross behaviour, language, manners 粗鲁的行为﹑ 语言﹑ 举止 * indulging in the grosser pleasures 迷恋低级庸俗的娱乐.
[usu attrib 通常作定语] (esp law fml 尤用於法律, 文) glaringly obvious; flagrant 显而易见的; 显然恶劣的: gross negligence, indecency, vice, etc 显然的疏忽﹑ 下流﹑ 不道德等 * a gross error, injustice, etc 明显的错误﹑ 不公等.
[attrib 作定语] total; whole 全部的; 整个的; 总的; 毛的: gross weight, profit, etc 毛重﹑ 毛利等 * sb's gross income, ie before deduction of tax, etc 某人的总收入(未扣除税等的). Cf 参看 net2 1.
(idm 习语) in (the) gross in a general or large-scale way rather than in detail 一般地; 大体上; 不详细地.
> gross v [Tn, Tn.p] ~ sth (up) make sth as a total amount 总共赚得: Her last film grossed (ie earned) a million pounds. 她拍最後一部影片总共赚了一百万英镑. * work out the grossed-up interest on a loan 计算出贷款的总利息.
grossly adv (of sth bad) extremely (指坏事)极度地, 十分地, 非常: grossly fat, extravagant, unfair, exaggerated 极胖的﹑ 奢侈的﹑ 不公平的﹑ 夸张的.
grossness n [U] coarseness; vulgarity 粗野; 粗俗.
# ,gross ,national `product (abbr 缩写 GNP) annual total value of goods produced, and services provided, in a country 国民生产总值.