/ gri:f; ^rif/ n
[U] ~ (over/at sth) deep or violent sorrow 忧伤; 悲伤: driven almost insane by grief over/at his death 因他死去而悲伤得几乎发狂 * die of grief 忧伤而死.
[C] event causing such feelings 引起忧伤﹑ 悲伤的事; 伤心事: His marriage to someone outside their faith was a great grief to his parents. 他娶了异教徒是他父母的一大伤心事.
(idm 习语) come to `grief (infml 口) (a) end in failure 终归失败; 以失败告终: All his little schemes for making money seem to come to grief. 他为赚钱而耍的花招儿看来都要失败. (b) have an accident; fall down, crash, etc 出事故; 遭意外; 跌倒; 碰撞等: Several pedestrians had come to grief on the icy pavement. 几个行人在结冰的人行道上滑倒了. good`grief! (infml 口) (exclamation of surprise and (usu mild) dismay) 表示惊奇和(通常为轻度的)惊恐的感叹语.
# grief-stricken adj overcome by deep sorrow 极度悲伤的: trying to console the grief-stricken relatives 尽力劝慰悲痛欲绝的亲属.