/ greIp; ^rep/ n
green or purple berry growing in clusters on vines, used for making wine or eaten as fruit 葡萄: a bunch of grapes 一串葡萄 * [attrib 作定语] grape juice 葡萄汁. =>illus 见插图.
(idm 习语) sour grapes => sour.
# `grape-shot n [U] (formerly) cluster of small iron balls fired together from a cannon (旧时)(用炮发射的)葡萄弹.
`grape-sugar n [U] dextrose or glucose, a type of sugar found in ripe grapes and other kinds of fruit 葡萄糖.
`grape-vine n
1 type of vine on which grapes grow 葡萄藤. =>illus 见插图.
2 (usu 通常作 the grape-vine) [sing] (fig 比喻) means by which news is passed on from person to person, eg in an office, a school or a group of friends 消息的传播途径(如在办公室﹑ 学校﹑ 朋友间): I heard on the grape-vine that Jill is to be promoted. 我听人说吉尔就要提升了.