2 / gUd; ^Jd/ n
[U] that which is morally right or acceptable 有道德的事; 善: the difference between good and evil 善恶之分 * Is religion always a force for good? 宗教一向是诲人从善的力量吗?
[U] that which gives benefit, profit, advantage, etc 好处﹑ 利益﹑ 益处等: work for the good of one's country 为国家利益工作 * I'm giving you this advice for your own good. 我劝你是为你好. * Do social workers do a lot of good? 社会工作者的贡献大吗? Cf 参看 do-gooder (do1).
the good [pl v] virtuous people 高尚的人: a gathering of the good and the great 贤人伟人荟萃.
(idm 习语) be no/not much/any/some `good (doing sth) be of no, not much, etc value 没有﹑ 没什麽...好处: It's no good (my) talking to him. (我)同他谈没有用. * Was his advice ever any good? 他的建议有什麽价值吗? * This gadget isn't much good. 这小机械没什麽用处. * What good is it asking her? 问她有什麽好处? do (sb) `good benefit sb 有益於(某人): Eat more fruit: it will do you good. 多吃水果, 对你有好处. * This cough medicine tastes nice but it doesn't do much good, ie isn't very effective. 这咳嗽药不难吃, 但作用不大. * (usu ironic 通常作反语) Much good may it do you, ie You won't get much benefit from it. 但愿对你大有好处(其实对你没什麽好处). for `good (and `all) permanently; finally 永久; 永远; 决定性地: She says that she's leaving the country for good, ie intending never to return to it. 她说她要永远离开这个国家. to the `good (used to describe sb's financial state) in credit (用以记述某人的财务状况)盈余: We are 500 to the good, ie We have 500 more than we had. 我们盈余500英镑. up to no `good (infml 口) doing sth wrong, mischievous, etc 做坏事; 淘气; 恶作剧: Where's that naughty child now? I'm sure he'll be up to no good wherever he is. 那调皮孩子哪儿去了? 我看, 他到哪儿也做不出好事来.