/ gEUt; ^ot/ n
small lively horned animal with long hair 山羊: goat's milk 羊奶 * climb like a mountain goat, ie very nimbly 像山羊般敏捷地爬. Cf 参看 billy-goat, nanny-goat. =>illus 见插图.
(sl 俚) unpleasant old man, esp one who is sexually active 讨厌的老头; (尤指)老色鬼: Let go, you randy old goat! 放开我, 你这老色鬼!
(idm 习语) act/play the (giddy) `goat (infml 口) behave frivolously or irresponsibly 举止轻浮或不负责任. get sb's `goat (infml 口) greatly irritate or annoy sb 激怒或惹恼某人. separate the sheep from the goats => separate2.
> goatee / gEU5ti:; ^o`ti/ n man's small pointed beard like the tuft of hair on a goat's chin 山羊胡子(男子下巴上的小撮尖形胡须).
# `goatherd n person who looks after a flock of goats 牧羊人; 羊倌.
`goatskin n (a) [U] leather made from the skin of a goat 山羊皮: [attrib 作定语] a goatskin bag, purse, etc 山羊皮包﹑ 山羊皮钱包. (b) [C] bottle made of this 山羊皮囊: a goatskin filled with wine 装着酒的山羊皮囊.
`goat's cheese cheese made from goat's milk 山羊奶酪.