/ glEU; ^lo/ v
[I] send out light and heat withoutflame 发出光和热; 燃烧(无焰): glowing embers, charcoal, etc 灼热的余烬﹑ 木炭等 * glowing metal in a furnace 熔炉中炽热的金属 * A cigarette glowed in the dark. 黑暗中有枝香烟发着光.
[I, Ipr] ~ (with sth) be, look or feel warm or red (eg after exercise or because excited) 发红, 发热, 显得红, 觉得热(如运动之後或情绪激动): her glowing cheeks 她发红的双颊 * glowing with health, pride, etc 红光满面﹑ 神气活现.
[I, Ipr] ~ (with sth) be strongly or warmly colourful 色彩强烈; 绚丽夺目: The countryside glowed with autumn colours. 郊野焕发出斑斓的秋色.
> glow n [sing]
1 dull light 暗淡的光: The fire cast a warm glow on the walls. 炉火映在墙上呈现一片融融红光.
2 warm look or feeling 发热的样子或感觉: cheeks with a rosy/healthy glow 绯红的双颊[容光焕发].
3 feeling of satisfaction 满足的心情: the special glow you get from a truly unselfish act 从真正的无私行为中体验到的特殊喜悦.
glowing adj [usu attrib 通常作定语] giving enthusiastic praise 热情赞扬的; 热烈的: a glowing account, report, etc 热情的叙述, 报道等 * describe sth in glowing colours, terms, phrases, etc, ie praise sth strongly 热烈赞扬某事物. glowingly adv.
# `glow-worm n insect of which the wingless female gives out a green light at its tail 萤火虫.