/ 5glR:rI; `^lRrI/ n
[U] high fame and honour won by great achievements 光荣; 荣誉: glory won on the field of battle 战场上赢得的荣誉 * a proud father basking in his son's reflected glory, ie sharing the fame achieved by his son 因儿子的荣耀其父感到骄傲 * Our team didn't exactly cover itself with glory today, eg was heavily defeated. 我队今天未能真正载誉而归(如遭惨败). * The regiment's motto was `Death or Glory'. 该团队的座右铭是‘誓死争取荣誉’.
[U] (Bible 圣经) worship, adoration and thanksgiving 崇敬; 赞美; 赞颂; 感恩: `Glory to God in the highest.' 在至高之处荣耀归与神‘愿荣耀归於至高之处的上帝.’
[U] beauty; splendour 美丽; 壮丽: the glory of a sunset, a summer's day, etc 美丽的日落﹑ 夏日等 * the countryside in all its glory 气象万千的郊野.
[C, U] special cause for pride, respect or honour 产生骄傲﹑ 崇敬或荣耀的原因: One of the glories of the British heritage is the right to a fair trial. 英国人引以自豪的传统之一是有获得公正审判的权利.
(idm 习语) go to `glory (dated euph 旧, 婉) die 死; 上天堂; 归天. cover oneself with glory => cover1.
> glory v [Ipr] ~ in sth (approv or derog 褒或贬) take (too much) pleasure or pride in sth 对某事物(过份)得意; 因某事物而自豪: glory in one's freedom, success, etc 为自己的自由﹑ 成功等而骄傲 * military leaders who seem to glory in slaughter 彷佛以杀戮为荣的军事领导人.
# `glory-hole n (Brit infml 口) room, cupboard or drawer where belongings can be thrown untidily until needed 可乱放杂物的房间﹑ 橱柜或抽屉.