/ glEUb; ^lob/ n
[C] small spherical model of the earth showing the continents and usu also countries, rivers, cities, etc 地球仪.
the globe [sing] the earth 地球; 世界: travel (all) round the globe 环球旅行.
[C] thing shaped like a sphere 球状物; 球体: The oil-lamp needs a new globe, spherical lampshade. 这油灯需配个新的圆灯罩. * The silvery globe of the moon sank towards the horizon. 银盘似的月亮朝地平线落去.
globe `artichoke = artichoke 1.
`globe-fish n fish able to inflate itself into the shape of a globe 河豚.
`globe-trot v (tt) [I] (infml 口) travel through many countries seeing as many different things as possible 周游世界. `globe-trotter n (infml 口) person who does this 周游世界者.