/ gIft; ^Ift/ n
thing given willingly without payment; present 礼物; 赠品: a kind, generous, small, etc gift 使人感到亲切的﹑ 慷慨的﹑ 小小的...礼物 * a birthday, Christmas, wedding, etc gift 生日﹑ 圣诞﹑ 结婚等礼品 * a gift to charity 慈善捐赠 * a gift of chocolates, flowers, etc 巧克力﹑ 鲜花等礼物.
~ (for sth/doing sth) natural talent or ability 天赋; 禀赋; 才能: I've always been able to learn languages easily; it's a gift. 我学习语言一向是轻而易举, 这是天分. * He has many outstanding gifts. 他多才多艺. * have a gift for music 有音乐天才 * the gift of making friends easily 善於交友的才能 * (ironic 反语) a gift for doing/saying the wrong thing 天生的做错事[说错话]的本事.
(usu sing 通常作单数) (infml 口) (a) unusually cheap purchase; bargain 便宜货; 合算的交易: At that price it's an absolute gift! 那个价钱, 纯粹是白给! (b) (fig 比喻 ) thing that is very easy or too easy to do 轻而易举的事; 过分容易的事: Their second goal was a real gift. 他们得的第二分真是易如反掌. * That exam question was an absolute gift! 那道试题纯粹是白送分! * It was a gift of a question. 解答那一道题不费吹灰之力. * [attrib 作定语] a gift question 一道白送分的题.
(idm 习语) a gift from the `gods advantageous thing that is unearned and unexpected 非劳动所得; 意外所得: To have such an easy examination paper was a gift from the gods. 碰到这样容易的考卷, 那是老天爷的恩赐. the gift of the `gab (sometimes derog 有时作贬义) the ability to speak fluently and eloquently 口才; 辩才. God's gift to sb/sth => god. in the gift of sb which sb has the right or power to give or grant 由某人授予或准予: a post in the sovereign's gift, ie one which the sovereign has the right to appoint a person to 君主授予的职位. look a gift horse in the `mouth (usu with negatives 通常与否定词连用) refuse or criticize sth that is given to one for nothing 拒受馈赠; 受礼而加挑剔.
> gifted / 5gIftId; `^IftId/ adj
1 ~ (at/in sth) having a great deal of natural ability or talent 有天才的; 有天赋的: a gifted artist, pianist, etc 有天赋的艺术家﹑ 钢琴家等 * gifted at singing, writing, etc 有唱歌﹑ 写作等天资的 * gifted in art, music, etc 有艺术﹑ 音乐等天才的.
2 very intelligent or talented 悟性高的; 聪颖的; 天才的: gifted children 聪慧的儿童.
# `gift box, `gift pack box or pack specially designed to contain a gift 礼物盒; 礼物包装.
`gift shop shop that specializes in selling articles suitable as gifts 礼品商店.
`gift token, `gift voucher token or voucher that can be exchanged in a shop for goods of a certain value 礼券.
`gift-wrap v [Tn usu passive 通常用於被动语态] wrap (an article) in a shop ready for presentation as a gift (商店中)将(某物)包装成礼品状. `gift-wrapping n [U] special paper, etc used for wrapping a gift 礼物包装纸等.