/ 5dVi:nIEs; `dVinjEs/ n (pl geniuses)
(a) [U] exceptionally great mental or creative ability 天才; 创造力: a man of genius 才子 * It is rare to find such genius nowadays. 这样的天才现在非常罕见. (b) [C] person who has this ability 天才人物: Einstein was a mathematical genius. 爱因斯坦是数学天才. * He is hard-working and able, but no genius. 他勤奋﹑ 能干, 但决非天才.
[sing] a ~ for (doing) sth exceptional natural ability for sth 对(做)某事物的天生的非凡才能: have a genius for languages, making friends, saying the wrong thing 有学语言的﹑ 交朋友的﹑ 说错话的本事.
[sing] the ~ (of sth) (a) guardian spirit (of a person, a place or an institution) 守护神. (b) (fml 文) special character, spirit or principles of a language, a period of time, an institution, a nation, etc (语言﹑ 时代﹑ 制度﹑ 民族等的)特点, 特徵, 精神, 原则: the genius of the English language, of the age 英语语言的﹑ 时代的特点.
(idm 习语) one's good/evil `genius person or spirit supposed to have a strong influence on one for good or for evil 对自己好坏有极大影响的人或神魔: Blame it on my evil genius! 都怪我中了邪魔了!