/ 5gAmbl; `^Ambl/ v
(a) [I, Ipr] play games of chance, etc for money 赌博: gamble at cards, on the horses, etc 赌纸牌﹑ 马等 * He spends all his time gambling in the casino. 他把时间都消磨在赌场的赌博上. (b) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (on sth) spend (money) by playing such games, etc 用(钱)赌博: He gambled all his winnings on the last race. 他把赢得的钱全压在最後一场赛马上了.
(phr v) ~ sth away lose sth by gambling 赌博输掉某物: gamble away all one's money 把所有的钱都输光. gamble in sth risk money by investing in (a specified commodity) 对(某商品)作冒险投资: gamblein oil (shares) 做石油(股票)投机生意. gamble on sth/doing sth act in the hope of sth being successful, true, etc despite the risk of loss 不顾损失而冒险行动或碰运气: gamble on (having) sb's support 孤注一掷希望获得某人支持 * I wouldn't gamble on the weather being fine. 我可不指望天气能一直好下去.
> gamble n
1 act of gambling; undertaking with a risk of loss and a chance of profit 打赌; 投机; 冒险; 碰运气: Setting up this business was a bit of a gamble. 开办这样的公司有点冒险.
2 (idm 习语) take a gamble (on sth) gamble 赌博; 冒险而为: The company took a gamble by cutting the price of their products, and it paid off, ie was financially successful. 公司冒险将产品削价出售, 结果赢利.
gambler / 5gAmblE(r); `^AmblL/ n person who gambles赌博者: a habitual gambler 赌徒.
gambling / 5gAmblIN; `^AmblIN/ n [U] (a) playing games, etc for money 赌博; 赌钱: [attrib 作定语] heavy gambling debts 沉重的赌债. (b) taking risks for possible advantage 冒险; 投机: to have a taste for gambling 爱冒险.