/ fQnd; fQnd/ n
[C] sum of money saved or made available for a particular purpose 专款; 基金: a disaster/relief fund 赈灾[救济]款 * the church restoration fund 教堂修缮基金.
[sing] stock or supply of sth 某事物的储备或蕴藏: a fund of jokes, knowledge, experience, etc 大量的笑话﹑ 知识﹑ 经验等.
funds [pl] financial resources; money 资金; 现款: government funds 政府的资金 * I'm short of funds so I'll pay you next week. 我手头缺钱, 下星期再付给你吧.
(idm 习语) in funds having money to spend 有钱花.
> fund v [Tn]
1 provide (an institution, a project, etc) with money (为机构﹑ 项目等)拨款: The government is funding another unemployment scheme. 政府正为处理失业问题的另一计画拨款.
2 make (a debt) long-term at a fixed rate of interest 将(短期借款)转为有固定利息的长期借款.