/ fQk; fQk/ v (<!> sl 讳, 俚)
[I, Tn] have sexual intercourse with (sb) 与(某人)性交; 肏(某人).
[I, Tn](esp imperative or as an interj in exclamations expressing extreme anger, annoyance or disgust 尤用於祈使句或用於感叹句中作感叹词, 表示极其愤怒﹑ 烦恼或憎恶): Fuck (it)! 他妈的! * Fuck you I don't care if I never see you again. 滚你妈的蛋--我这辈子也不想见你了. * Fuck the bloody thing it won't work. 去他妈的倒霉玩意儿--不管用.
(idm 习语) `fucking well (used to emphasize an angry statement, esp an order 说气话时用以加强语气, 尤作命令用语) certainly; definitely 确实; 一定: You're fucking well coming whether you want to or not. 不管你想来不想来, 你是一定得来.
(phr v) fuck a`bout/a`round behave foolishly or unhelpfully 干愚蠢的或无谓的事; 胡闹: Stop fucking around and come and give me a hand. 别胡闹了, 过来给我帮个忙.fuck sb about/around treat sb badly or inconsiderately亏待或不体谅某人: This bloody company keeps fucking me about. 这倒霉的公司一直亏待我. fuck `off (esp imperative 尤用於祈使句) go away 走开; 滚. fuck sth up spoil or ruin sth 弄糟或毁坏某事物.
> fuck n (usu sing 通常作单数) (<!> sl 讳, 俚)
1 act of sexual intercourse 性交.
2 (sexist 性别偏见) person, esp a woman, considered as a sexual partner 性交对象(尤指女子): She's a good fuck. 她是个床上的好伴.
3 (idm 习语) not care/give a fuck (about sb/sth) not care at all 毫不在乎: He doesn't give a fuck about anyone else. 他对别人毫不关心.
fucker n (<!> sl 讳, 俚) (as a general term of abuse) fool; idiot (用作一般的辱骂用语)傻瓜, 笨蛋.
fucking (<!> sl 讳, 俚) adj, adv (used to add emphasis in expressions of anger, annoyance, etc 用以增强表示愤怒﹑ 烦恼等的语气): I'm fucking sick of the whole fucking lot of you. 你们他妈的真让我恶心.
# ,fuck-`all n [U] (<!> sl 讳, 俚) nothing at all 丝毫没有; 什麽都没有: You've done ,fuck-`all today. 你今天是屁事也没干. * [attrib 作定语] He's ,fuck-all ,use as a `goalkeeper. 他当守门员屁事不顶.
fuck-up / 5fQkQp; `fQk9Qp/ n (<!> sl 讳, 俚) complete mess; disaster 一团糟; 一塌糊涂: What a fuck-up! 真是乱成一锅粥!