/ frQ5streIt; [email protected] 5frQstreIt; `frQstret/ v [Tn]
(a) prevent (sb) from doing or achieving sth 阻止(某人)做成某事; 妨碍: He had hoped to set a new world record, but was frustrated by bad weather. 他本希望能创造新的世界纪录, 但因天气恶劣而未果. (b) make (efforts, etc) useless; defeat 使(努力等)无效; 失败: Bad weather has frustrated plans to launch the spacecraft today. 今日发射宇宙飞船的计画, 因天气恶劣而落空.
upset or discourage (sb) 扰乱或阻挠(某人); 使沮丧; 使灰心: Mary was frustrated by the lack of appreciation shown of her work. 玛丽因工作得不到赏识而灰心丧气.
> frustrated adj
1 (a) [pred 作表语] discouraged; not satisfied 令人灰心; 令人沮丧; 令人不满: As a nurse she got very frustrated, but being an administrator seems to suit her. 她做护士很不顺心, 但当管理人员似乎倒很适合. (b) [attrib 作定语] unable to be successful in one's chosen career 失意的; 不得志的; 受挫的: Film directors are sometimes frustrated actors. 电影导演有时是不得志的演员.
2 not satisfied sexually 性慾上不满的.
frustrating adj annoying; discouraging 使人心烦的; 使人讨厌的; 使人灰心的; 使人沮丧的: I find it frustrating that I can't speak other languages. 我不会说别的语言, 感到惘然若失.
frustration / frQ5streIFn; frQs`treFEn/ n 1 [U] (state of) being frustrated 灰心; 沮丧; 不满; 失意; 受挫.
[C] instance of this; disappointment 灰心; 沮丧; 不满; 挫折; 失意; 失望: Every job has its frustrations. 每种工作都有 让人不称心的地方.