/ 5frendlI; `frZndlI/ adj (-ier, -iest)
(a) behaving in a kind and pleasant way; acting like a friend 和蔼可亲的; 朋友般的; 友爱的: a friendly person 和蔼可亲的人 * The children here are quite friendly with one another. 这里的孩子相互之间十分友爱. * It wasn't very friendly of you to slam the door in his face. 你冲着他摔门太伤和气了. * friendly nations, ie not hostile 友邦. (b) showing or expressing kindness and helpfulness 亲切的; 友好的: a friendly smile, welcome, gesture, manner, etc 亲切的微笑﹑ 亲切的欢迎﹑ 友好的表示﹑ 友好的态度 * friendly co-operation 亲密的合作. (c) of a relationship in which people treat each other as friends 和睦的;融洽的: friendly relations 和睦的关系 * on friendly terms with the boss 与老板关系融洽.
not seriously competitive (竞争)不激烈的, 友好的: a friendly game of football 足球友谊赛 * a friendly argument 友好的争论 * friendly rivalry 友好的竞争.
> friendliness n [U].
-friendly (in compound adjs 用以构成复合形容词) that is, or is intended to be, easy for the specified person to use 便於某人使用的: a user-friendly computer system.
# `friendly match (also friendly) game of football, etc that is not part of a serious competitive series (足球等的)友谊比赛: There's a friendly between Leeds United and Manchester City next week. 利兹联队和曼彻斯特市队下星期有一场友谊赛.
`Friendly Society (also `Provident Society) association formed to support its members when they are ill or old 互助会.