2 / fri:; fri/ v (pt, pp freed / fri:d; frid/)
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (from sth) make (sb/sth) free; release or liberate 使(某人[某物])自由; 释放; 解放: free the prisoner 释放囚犯 * free an animal from a trap 把动物从陷阱中放出来.
[Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth of/from sth take away sth unpleasant, unwanted, etc from sb/sth; rid sb/ sth of sth 使令人不快的﹑ 不需要的一类事物离开某人[某事物]; 使某人[某事物]摆脱某事物: Relaxation exercises can free your body of tension. 放松运动可以松缓身体的紧张. * Try to free yourself from all prejudices.尽量消除一切偏见.
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth (from sth)loosen sb/sth from sth that is preventing movement; disentangle or extricate sb/sth 使某人[某事物]摆脱妨碍活动的事物; 摆脱或脱离某人[某事物]: It took hours to free the victims (from the collapsed building). 用了很长时间才把遇难者(从倒塌的建筑物中)解救出来. * Can you free the propeller from the weeds? 你能把螺旋桨上的草除掉吗?
[Tn.pr, Cn.t] ~ sb/sth for sth make sb/sth available for (a purpose or an activity) 使某人[某物]可用於(某一目的或活动): The government intends to free more resources for educational purposes. 政府想把更多的资源用於教育方面. * Retiring early from his job freed him to join several local clubs. 他早早退休, 摆脱了工作的羁绊而加入了当地的几个俱乐部.