1 / fri:; fri/ adj (freer / fri:E(r); `friL/, freest / fri:Ist;`friIst/)
(a) (of a person) not a slave or prisoner; allowed to move where one wants; having physical freedom (指人)(非奴隶或囚犯)自由的, 有人身自由的, 行动自由的: After ten years in prison, he was a free man again. 他坐了十年监狱, 又成了自由人. * The convicts were pardoned and set free. 那些囚犯获赦释放. * The driver had to be cut free from the wreckage of his car. 破开了汽车残骸才把司机解救出来. (b) (of an animal) not kept in a cage or tied up; able to move at will (指动物)不关在笼子里的, 不被栓住的, 可任意行动的: In nature, all animals are wild and free. 在自然界, 一切动物都是野生的, 自由自在的. * The dog was chained, so how did it get free? 狗拴着链子, 是怎麽挣脱开的呢? * An escaped tiger is roaming free in the town. 有一只老虎跑出, 正在城里东逃西窜.
not fixed or held down; loose 不固定的; 不受牵制的; 松弛的: the free end of the rope 绳索松着的一端 * Let the rope run free. 把绳子放开. * One of the wheels of the cart has worked (itself) free. 马车的一个轮子松了.
clear; not blocked; unrestricted 通畅的; 无阻碍的; 不受限制的; 不受约束的: Is the way/passage free? 道路[通道]畅通吗? * A free flow of water came from the pipe. 水从管道里通畅地流了出来. * The streets have been swept free of leaves. 街上的落叶已打扫乾净.
(of a country, its citizens and institutions) not controlled by a foreign government or the state itself (指国家及其公民和机关)不受外国政府或本国控制的, 自主的, 自由的: This is a free country I can say what I like. 这是个自由的国家--我爱说什麽就可以说什麽. * We might have a free press, but that doesn't mean all reporting is true and accurate. 我们即使有新闻自由, 也并不意味着一切报道都真实可信﹑ 准确无误.
~ (to do sth) not controlled or restricted (by rules or conventions); permitted to do sth 不受(规章或习俗)控制的, 许可做某事物的: free movement of workers within the European Community 在欧洲共同体内部工人的自由流动 * free access to secret information 对机密资料的自由接触 * You are free to come and go as you please. 你来去自便. * She's a free spirit, ie a person not hampered by convention. 她是个无拘无束的人.
[pred 作表语] ~ from/of sth (a) not harmed by sth dangerous; not spoilt by sth unpleasant 不受某危险事物伤害; 不受某不愉快事物影响: free from harm, prejudice, pain 不受伤害﹑ 无偏见﹑ 无痛苦 * free of weeds, contamination, pollution, etc 无杂草﹑ 传染﹑ 污染等. (b) not subject to certain rules, etc; unrestricted by sth 不受某规章等约束的; 不受某事物阻碍的: a holiday free from all responsibilities 摆脱一切责任的假期.
(a) costing nothing 免费的: free tickets for the theatre 免费的戏票 * Admission is free. 免费入场. * a free sample 免费样品. (b) [pred 作表语] ~ (of sth) not including, or not requiring, a specified payment, usu of tax or duty 免税: a payment of 30000 free of tax 30000英镑的免税付款 * Delivery is free (of charge) if goods are paid for in advance. 如预付货款就可免费送货.
(a) (of a place) not occupied or being used; (of a time) not engaged or booked (指地方或时间)未占用的, 空着的, 闲着的: Is that seat free? 那座位有人吗? * The bathroom's free now. 洗澡间现在空着. * Is there a time when the conference room is free? 会议室有空着的时候吗? * Friday afternoons are left free for revision. 留出星期五下午的时间做复习. (b) (of a person) without engagements or things to do; not busy (指人)有空的, 闲着的: I'm usually free in the afternoon. 我通常下午有空. * Are you free for lunch? 你有空儿去吃午饭吗?
[pred 作表语] ~ with sth giving sth easily and readily; generous with sth 大方; 慷慨: He is very free with his time, ie gives it willingly. 他毫不吝惜自己的时间. * He's a bit too free with his compliments. 他有点太爱恭维人.
(derog 贬) uncontrolled, often to the point of rudeness; too familiar 不约束的; 放肆的; 过於亲密的: I don't like him he is too free in his language and manner. 我不喜欢他--他的言行太放肆.
(of a translation) expressing the meaning of the original loosely, not exactly (指译文)不拘泥原文的, 不确切的. Cf 参看 literal 1a.
(chemistry 化) not combined with another element 未与其他元素化合的; 游离的: free hydrogen 游离氢.
(idm 习语) feel free => feel1. (get sth) for `free without payment being required; for nothing 不要钱的; 白给的: I got this ticket for free from sb who didn't want it. 我这张票没花钱, 是别人不要的. free and `easy informal; relaxed 不拘束的; 不拘礼的; 轻松的: The atmosphere in the office is quite free and easy. 办公室的气氛很轻松. free on `board/`rail (of goods) without charge for delivery to a ship/train (指货物)船[火车]上交货(价格). get, have, etc a free `hand get, have, etc permission or an opportunity to do what one chooses and make one's own decisions, esp in a job 有自主权(尤指工作上): My boss has given me a free hand in deciding which outside contractor to use. 老板已经给了我自主权, 让我决定用哪家承包商. give, allow, etc free `play/`rein to sb/sth give, etc complete freedom of movement or expression to sb/sth 给予...某人[某事物]行动或表达上的充分自由: In this picture the artist certainly allowed his imagination free rein. 艺术家在这幅画里任其想像力尽情奔驰. have one's hands free/tied => hand1. make sb free of sth allow sb full use or enjoyment of sth 允许某人充分利用或享受某物; 随意使用: He kindly made me free of his library for my research. 他热情地让我随意使用他的书房做研究工作. of one's own free will without being ordered or forced 非强迫的; 自愿的: I came here of my own free will. 我是自愿到这里来的.
> free adv
1 without cost or payment; freely 无偿地; 免费地: Children under five usually travel free on trains. 五岁以下的儿童乘火车通常免费.
2 (idm 习语) make free with sb/sth treat sb/sth casually and without proper respect; use sth as if it belongs to oneself 对待某人[某事物]随便而不尊重; 任意使用他人之物: He made free with all his girl-friend's money. 他随便花女朋友的钱.
freely / 5fri:lI; `frilI/ adv 1 without any obstruction; in an unrestricted or uncontrolled manner 自由地; 毫无妨碍地; 不受阻挡地; 不受控制地; 无拘无束地: Water flowed freely from the pipe. 水从管道里通畅地流了出来. * drugs that are freely available 可随时买到的药物. 2 in an open and honest manner 开诚布公地; 坦诚地; 坦率地: It may require courage to speak freely. 要有勇气才能直言不讳. 3 willingly; readily 心甘情愿地; 自愿地: I freely admit that I made a mistake. 我欣然承认我犯了个错误. 4 in a generous and willing manner 大方地; 慷慨地; 爽快地: Millions of people gave freely in response to the famine appeal. 千百万人响应救灾呼吁而慷慨解囊.
# free `agent someone able to act as he pleases, because he is not responsible to anyone 可以按自己意愿行事的人: I wish I were a free agent, but my contract binds me for three more years. 我要是不受约束就好了, 可是我的合同还要约束我三年.
,free associ`ation (psychology 心) method of analysis in which a person says the first word that comes to his mind in response to one spoken by the analyst 自由联想.
,Free `Church Church that does not follow the teaching or practices of established Churches such as the Roman Catholic or Anglican Church 独立教会.
,free `enterprise operation of business and trade without government control 自由企业.
,free `fall 1 movement through air or space under the force of gravity alone 自由降落. 2 part of a parachute jump before the parachute opens 降落伞张开前的降落.
`Freefone n [U] (Brit) system in which the person making a telephone call does not pay for the cost of the call 免费通话(打电话者不必付费的通话方式): Ring the operator and ask for Freefone 8921. 接通接线生, 然後要免费通话8921号.
`free-for-all n noisy fight or argument in which anyone present may join 在场者都可参加的争吵或辩论.
`free-hand adj, adv (done) by hand, without the use of an instrument, eg a ruler or compass 徒手(做)(的)(不使用仪器): a free-hand sketch 手画的略图 * sketched free-hand 徒手画略图.
,free-`handed adj generous, esp in spending or giving money 慷慨的(尤指花钱或给钱); 出手大方的.
`freehold n, adj (law 律) (having) complete ownership of property for an unlimited period of time 财产的完全保有(的). Cf 参看 leasehold (lease). `freeholder n person who owns land freehold 地产的完全保有者.
`free house (Brit) public house or inn not controlled by a brewery and therefore able to sell more than one brand of beer, etc (不受酿酒厂约束的)出售多种啤酒等的酒馆. Cf 参看 tied house (tie2).
,free `kick (in football) kick taken without interference, as a penalty against the opposing team (足球)罚任意球.
`free lance / lB:ns; [email protected] lAns; `lAns/ (also freelancer) n independent artist, writer, etc who earns his living by selling work to several employers (靠出卖作品为生的)自由艺术家﹑ 作家等: [attrib 作定语] free-lance journalism自由新闻工作.
`free-lance v [I]: I've free-lanced for several years. 我做自由撰稿人已有几年了.
free-`living adj living for the pleasures of (esp) food and drink 沉溺於(尤指)吃喝享受的. free-`liver n.
free-`load v [I] (infml esp US) take advantage of free food and lodging, etc without giving anything in return; sponge 占便宜; 揩油. free-`loader n person who free-loads; sponger 爱占便宜的人; 揩油的人.
,free `love (dated 旧) agreed sexual relations without marriage 自由性爱.
freeman n
1 / -mAn; -mAn/ person who is not a slave 自由人(非奴隶).
2 / -mEn; -mEn/ person who has been given the freedom(5) of a city 荣誉市民: made a freeman of the City of London 被授予伦敦荣誉市民称号.
`free port port open to all traders, with no restrictions, taxes or import duties 自由港.
`Freepost n [U] (Brit) system in which postage costs are paid by the receiver (usu a business company) 免费邮递(由收信人, 通常为厂商, 付邮资的方式): Reply to Publicity Department, FREEPOST, Oxford University Press, Oxford. 回信免费邮寄至牛津牛津大学出版社宣传部.
,free-`range adj [attrib 作定语] produced by hens that are kept in natural conditions rather than in a battery(4) 放养的母?产的: ,free-range `eggs 放养的母?产的蛋.
,free `speech right to express (in public) opinions of any kind 言论自由.
,free-`standing adj not supported by or fixed to anything 无支撑物的; 不固於某物上的: a ,free-`standing sculpture 独立的雕塑.
`free-style n [U] 1 (a) swimming race in which any stroke may be used 自由泳比赛(可采用任何姿势). (b) type of swimming stroke, usu the crawl(n 2) 自由泳(通常指爬泳). 2 type of wrestling with few restrictions on the holds permitted (摔角)自由式.
,free-`thinker n person who forms ideas independently of generally accepted religious teachings 自由思想者. ,free-`thinking adj.
,free `trade (system in which) trade is carried on between countries without import restrictions, eg tax and duty 自由贸易; 自由贸易制度.
,free `verse poetry without a regular rhythm or rhyme 自由诗(无固定韵律的诗).
,free `vote vote in parliament in which members do not have to follow party policy 自由投票(议员无须遵循党派的方针而进行的议会内投票).
`freeway n (US) = motorway (motor). =>Usage at road 用法见road.
,free `wheel (rear) wheel on a bicycle that continues to revolve when the pedals are not in use (自行车的)飞轮. ,free-`wheel v [I]
1 travel, usu downhill, by riding a bicycle without pedalling or driving a car without using engine power (自行车或汽车)滑行.
2 move or act freely or irresponsibly 自由地﹑ 不须负责地活动或行动: I think I'll just free-wheel this summer and see what happens. 我打算今年夏天尽情放任一下再说.
,free `will 1 ability to decide one's own course of action 决定个人行动方针的能力; 自觉自愿: I did it of my own free will, ie acting voluntarily. 那是我自愿做的. 2 (belief in the) power to decide a course of action independently of God or fate 自由意志(不依靠上帝或命运而采取行动的决断力); 自由意志论. ,free-`will adj voluntary 自愿的: a ,free-will `offering 自愿的提供.