/ 5frAgmEnt; `frA^mEnt/ n
small part or piece broken off (sth) (某物的)碎片: find several fragments of a Roman vase 发现古罗马花瓶的几块残片.
separate or incomplete part (of sth) (某事物的)片断或不完整部分: I heard only a fragment of their conversation. 我只听到他们谈话的只言片语.
> fragment / frAg5ment; `frA^`mZnt/ v [I, Tn] (cause sth to) break into small pieces or parts; split up (使某物)破碎或裂开; 分裂; 分离: These bullets fragment on impact. 这些子弹射中物体时爆炸成碎片. * (fig 比喻) Ownership of the large estates is increasingly fragmented, ie divided among several people. 大片地皮的产权逐渐分成若干份.
fragmentary / 5frAgmEntrI; [email protected] -terI; `frA^mEn9tZrI/ adj made up of small incomplete or unconnected parts 由小的﹑ 不完整的或无联系的部分组成的: fragmentary evidence 支离破碎的证据.
fragmentation / 9frAgmen5teIFn; 9frA^mZn`teFEn/ n [U]. fragmen`tation bomb bomb designed to break up into many small pieces 杀伤炸弹(爆炸时成小碎片).