/ 5frAkFn; `frAkFEn/ n
small part, bit, amount, or proportion (of sth) (某物的)小部分, 一点儿, 少许, 片断: The car stopped within a fraction of an inch of the wall. 汽车在离墙不到一英寸的地方停住了. * Could you move a fraction closer? 你能不能稍微再挪近点儿?
precise division of a number, eg , , 0.76 分数, 小数(如﹑ ﹑ 0.76).
> fractional / -FEnl; -FEnl/ adj
1 of or in fractions 部分的; 少许的; 片断的; 分数的; 小数的: a fractional equation 分数方程式.
2 very small; trivial or unimportant 极小的; 轻微的; 无足轻重的: a fractional difference in prices 微小的差价. fractionally / -FEnElI;-FEnElI/ adv to a very small degree; marginally 达极小程度地; 轻微地: One dancer was fractionally out of step. 有个跳舞人的舞步稍微有些不合拍.