/ 5fCstE(r); [email protected] 5fR:-; `fRstL/ v
[Tn] help the growth or development of (sth); encourage or promote 培养, 培育(某物); 鼓励; 促进: foster an interest, attitude, impression, etc 培养兴趣﹑ 滋长某种情绪﹑ 加深印象 * foster the growth of local industries 扶植地方工业.
[I, Tn] take care of and bring up (a child that is not legally one's own) 照顾, 抚养(法律上不属於自己的孩子); 领养; 收养: People who cannot have a baby of their own sometimes foster (a child). 不能生育的人有时领养别人的(孩子). Cf 参看 adopt 1.
> foster- (forming compound ns 用以构成复合名词) with a family connection through fostering rather than of birth 通过收养而产生家庭关系的: a `foster-parent, -mother, -child, -son, -sister, etc * a `foster-home.