/ 5fR:tFEnEt; `fRrtFEnEt/ adj having, bringing or brought by good fortune; lucky 交好运的; 带来好运的; 好运带来的; 幸运的: I was fortunate to have/in having a good teacher. 我很幸运, 有位好老师. * She's fortunate enough to enjoy good health. 她身体好, 真有福气. * Remember those less fortunate than yourselves. 别忘了那些运气不如你们的人. * It was very fortunate for him that I arrived on time. 我按时到了, 算他走运. * I made a fortunate choice and won! 我幸亏选择得对, 结果赢了!
> fortunately adv by good luck; luckily 运气好地; 幸运地; 幸亏: I was late, but fortunately the meeting hadn't started. 我迟到了, 幸好会议还没开始. * Fortunately (for him) Mark quickly found another job. 幸亏马克很快就找到了另一份工作.