/ 5fR:mE(r); `fRrmL/ adj [attrib 作定语]
of an earlier period or time 以前的: the former world champion 前世界冠军 * my former landlady 我以前的女房东 * in former times 以前 * She's back to her former self again, eg after an illness. 她又恢复了以前的样子(如病後).
being the first mentioned of two things or people 前者的(两者中先提到的): The former option favours the married man. 前一种选择对已婚男子有利.
(idm 习语) a shadow of one's/its former self => shadow.
> the former pron the first mentioned of two things or people 前者: If I had to choose between fish and chicken I'd prefer the former, ie fish. 若让我在鱼和鸡之间选择其一, 我要前者(即鱼).
formerly adv in earlier times; previously 以前; 从前: The company formerly belonged to an international banking group. 该公司以前隶属於一个国际银行集团. * Namibia, formerly South West Africa 纳米比亚, 旧称西南非洲. Cf 参看 latter.