/ fE5get; fL`^Zt/ v (pt forgot / fE5gCt; fL`gBt/, pp forgotten / fE5gCtn; fL`^Btn/)
[Ipr, Tn, Tf, Tw, Tg] ~ about sth (not used in the continuous tenses 不用於进行时态) fail to remember or recall (sth); lose the memory of (sth) 忘记(某事物); 遗忘: He forgot (about) her birthday, ie did not remember it at the proper time. 他把她的生日忘了. * I've forgotten her name. 我把她的名字忘了. * Did you forget (that) I was coming? 难道你忘了我要来吗? * She forgot how the puzzle fitted together. 她忘了那个拼图是怎麽拼在一起的. * I'll never forget seeing my daughter dance in public for the first time. 我永远忘不了看着我女儿第一次当众跳舞的情景.
(a) [I, Tt] fail to remember to do sth; neglect 忘记(做某事); 忽视: `Why didn't you buy any bread?' `Sorry, I forgot.' ‘你怎麽没买面包呢?’‘真抱歉, 我忘了.’ * Don't forget to feed the cat. 别忘了喂猫. * He forgot to pay me. 他忘了付给我钱. (b) [Tn] fail to remember to bring, buy, etc (sth) or take care of (sth) 忘记带﹑ 购买﹑ 照料等(某事物): I forgot my umbrella. 我忘带伞了. * Don't forget the waiter, ie give him a tip. 别忘了给服务员小费.
[Ipr, Tn, Tf] ~ (about) sb/sth stop thinking about sb/sth; not think about sb/sth; put sb/sth out of one's mind 忘掉或不再想某人[某事物]; 不把某人[某事物]放在心上: Let's forget (about) our differences. 咱们不要把彼此的分歧放在心上. * Try to forget (all) about him. 别再想他了. * You can forget about a holiday this year I've lost my job. 你别再想今年去度假的事了--我失业了. * `How much do I owe you?' `Forget it!', ie Don't bother to pay me back. ‘我欠你多少钱?’‘算了吧!’ * The shop will accept cheques and credit cards, not forgetting (ie and also) cash, of course. 这个商店可用支票和信用卡付帐, 当然也收现金. * I was forgetting (that) David used to teach you. 我几乎忘了大卫以前经常教你.
[Tn] ~ oneself (a) behave without proper dignity 忘乎所以: I'm afraid I forgot myself and kissed him wildly. 当时我有些忘乎所以, 疯狂地吻着他. (b) act unselfishly 忘我; 无私: Forget yourself and think of someone else for a change. 别光想着你自己, 你也为别人想一次.
(idm 习语) elephants never forget => elephant. forgive and forget => forgive.
> forgetful / -fl; -fEl/ adj
1 in the habit of forgetting; likely to forget 健忘的; 好忘记的: Old people are sometimes forgetful. 老人有时爱忘事.
2 [pred 作表语] ~ of sb/sth not thinking about sth; neglectful of sb/sth 对某人[某事物]不考虑﹑ 疏忽: be forgetful of one's duties 玩忽职守. forgetfully / -fElI; -fElI/ adv. forgetfulness n [U].