/ fE5bId; fL`bId/ v (pt forbade / fE5bd; [email protected] fE5beId; fL`bed/ or forbad / fE5bd; fL`bAd/, pp forbidden/ fE5bIdn; fL`bIdn/)
(a) [Tsg, Dn.n, Dn.t] order (sb) not to do sth 禁止, 不准, 不许(某人)做某事: I can't forbid you/your seeing that man again. 我无法禁止你再和那个男人来往. * She was forbidden access to the club. 人家不允许她到那个俱乐部去. * If you want to go, Ican't forbid you. 你想去, 我也拦不住你. * He was forbidden to talk to her. 不准他同她交谈. * It is forbidden (for anyone) to smoke in this room. 禁止(任何人)在本室吸烟. (b) [Tn, Tg] order that (sth) shall not be done; not allow 禁止(某事物); 不允许: Her father forbade their marriage. 她父亲不允许他们俩结婚. * Photography is strictly forbidden in the cathedral. 教堂内严禁摄影. * forbidden subjects such as sex and politics 禁止谈论的题目, 如性和政治 * The law forbids building on this land. 法律规定禁止在此处进行修建.
[Tn] make (sth) difficult or impossible; prevent or not allow 妨碍(某事); 阻止或不准: Lack of space forbids further treatment of the topic here. 因篇幅所限, 此处不便对本题作进一步阐述.
(idm 习语) for,bidden `fruit thing that is desired because it is disapproved of or not allowed 禁果(因受禁止而更想得到的东西). for,bidden `ground (a) area that one is not allowed to enter 禁区. (b) subject, activity, etc that is not allowed or approved of 不准涉及的或不认可的内容或活动等. God/Heaven for`bid (that...) (expressing a wish that sth may not happen 表示愿某事不要发生): Heaven forbid that anything awful should have happened to her. 但愿她不会出了大事.
> forbidding adj looking unfriendly; stern; threatening 样子冷淡的; 严峻的; 令人生畏的: a forbidding appearance, look, manner, etc 冷酷的样子﹑ 神 情﹑ 态度等 * a forbidding coastline, ie one that looks dangerous险恶的海岸地形. forbiddingly adv.