/ 5flaIIN; `flaIIN/ adj moving by flight; able to fly 飞行的; 会飞的: flying insects 会飞的昆虫.
> flying n [U] going in an aircraft for travel or sport 乘坐飞行器(旅行或运动): I'm terrified of flying I'd rather go by sea. 我害怕坐飞机--我宁愿坐船.
# ,flying `buttress (architecture 建) arched structure that supports the outside wall of a large building, esp a church 拱扶垛. =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, page viii.
,flying `colours 1 flags on display as a sign of victory or during a ceremony (象徵胜利的或用於庆典的)旗帜.
(idm 习语) with flying colours with great and obvious success 大获全胜地: She came through/passed her exams with flying colours. 她考试成绩优异.
,flying `column troops able to move rapidly and act independently 快速突击部队; 别动队.
,flying `doctor (esp in Australia) doctor who travels in an aircraft to visit patients who live in distant or isolated places (尤指澳大利亚的)飞行医生(乘飞机到偏远地区出诊的).
`flying fish type of tropical fish that can rise and move forward above the surface of the water using its wing-like fins 飞鱼.
,flying `fox type of large fruit-eating bat 狐蝠; 果蝠.
,flying `jump (also ,flying `leap) forward jump/leap made while running quickly 助跑起跳.
`flying officer officer in the Royal Air Force between the ranks of pilot officer and flight lieutenant (英国皇家)空军中尉. =>App 9 见附录9.
,flying `picket worker or group of workers on strike who are ready to travel quickly to different factories, etc to persuade other workers to join the strike 串联纠察员(可迅速到各工厂等动员一道罢工的工人).
,flying `saucer (also unidentified flying object) spacecraft, shaped like a saucer or disc, that some people claim to have seen and that is believed to have come from another planet 飞碟; 不明飞行物.
`flying squad group of police officers who are always ready to move quickly, eg when a crime has occurred 机动警察队.
,flying `start 1 start to a race in which the competitors are already running as they cross the starting line 行进间起跑(跑着通过起跑线).
(idm 习语) get off to a flying start begin sth well; have an initial advantage 开端很好; 一开始就占优势: Our holiday got off to a flying start because the weather was good and the trains were on time. 我们度假一开始就大吉大利, 天气很好, 火车也都准点.
,flying `tackle (in Rugby football, etc) tackle made while running or jumping (在橄榄球等运动中)凌空抢球.
,flying `visit very brief or hasty visit 短暂或匆忙的访问.