1 / flaIt; flaIt/ n
[U] (a) action or process of flying through the air; ability to fly 飞行; 飞翔; 飞行的能力: the age of supersonic flight 超音速飞行的时代 * The bird had been shot down in flight, ie while flying. 这只鸟是在飞行中打下来的. (b) movement or path of a thing through the air (物体在空中的)飞行或路线: the flight of an arrow, a dart, a missile, etc 箭﹑ 标枪﹑ 导弹等的飞行.
[C] (a) journey made by air, esp in an aircraft on a particular route 空中的航行; (尤指飞机等的)航班: a smooth, comfortable, bumpy, etc flight 平稳的﹑ 舒服的﹑ 颠簸的空中航行 * All flights have been cancelled because of fog. 因为有雾所有航班都已取消. (b) aircraft making such a journey 班机: We travelled aboard the same flight. 我们搭乘同一班机. * Flight number BA 4793 will arrive in London at 16.50. 英国航空公司4793号班机於16时50分抵达伦敦.
[U, C] passage or journey through space 航天飞行; 宇宙飞行: the history of manned space flight 载人航天史.
[C] group of aeroplanes working as a unit 飞行队: an aircraft of the Queen's flight 女王专用机队的一架飞机.
[C] ~ (of sth) number of birds, insects, etc flying together or of arrows released together (鸟﹑ 昆虫等的)群飞; (箭的)齐发: a flight of geese 一队飞雁 * a flight of arrows 齐发的箭.
[C] series of stairs between two floors or landings 一段楼梯或阶梯: There was no lift and we had to climb six flights of stairs. 没有电梯, 我们得爬六段楼梯.
[U] swift passage, esp of time 飞逝(尤指时间).
[C] ~ of sth instance of sth very imaginative but usu not practical (想像力的)奔放: wild flights of imagination 想像联翩.
(idm 习语) a flight of `fancy unrealistic idea, etc that exists only in sb's mind 悬想; 异想天开: Her latest flight of fancy is to go camping in the Sahara desert! 她最近心血来潮想到撒哈拉沙漠去野营! in the first/top flight taking a leading place; excellent of his/its kind 占先; 名列前茅; 同行[同类]中的优秀者: She's in the top flight of journalists. 她是出类拔萃的新闻工作者.
> flight v [Tn] (in cricket) give (the ball) a certain path through the air when bowling so as to deceive the batsman (板球中)使(球)沿某路线飞行(以迷惑击球员): a well-flighted delivery 漂亮的投球.
flightless adj (of birds) not able to fly (指鸟)不会飞的.
# `flight-deck n
1 (on a ship that carries aircraft) deck for the take-off and landing of aircraft (运载飞机的船舰上的)飞行甲板.
2 control room of a large aircraft, from which the pilot and crew fly the plane (大型飞行器的)驾驶舱.
,flight lieu`tenant officer in the Royal Air Force between the ranks of flying officer and squadron leader 皇家空军上尉. =>App 9 见附录9.
`flight path direction or course of an aircraft through the air (飞行器的)飞行方向或路线: The flight paths of the aeroplanes crossed, with fatal results. 飞机的航线互相交错铸成人命惨祸.
`flight-recorder n (also black `box) electronic device in an aeroplane that records details of the flight 飞行记录仪; 黑盒.
`flight sergeant non-commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force next above sergeant 皇家空军上士. =>App 9 见附录9.
`flight simulator device on the ground for training pilots by reproducing accurately all the conditions of flying 飞行模拟装置.