/ fleF; flZF/ n
[U] (a) soft substance between the skin and bones of animal bodies, consisting of muscle and fat 肉: The trap had cut deeply into the rabbit's flesh. 捕兽夹子紧紧夹住兔子的皮肉. (b) this as food (食用的)肉: Tigers are flesh-eating animals. 虎是肉食动物.
[U] soft pulpy part of fruits and vegetables, the part that is usu eaten 果肉; 蔬菜的可食部分.
the flesh [sing] the (human) body contrasted with the mind or the soul (人的)肉体(与精神或灵魂相对): (saying 谚) The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, ie Although sb may want to do sth, he is too lazy, tired, weak, etc actually to do it. 心有余而力不足.
the flesh [sing] bodily or physical desire 肉慾; 情慾: the pleasures/sins of the flesh 满足肉慾的快感[放纵情慾的罪].
(idm 习语) ,flesh and `blood the human body or human nature with its emotions, weaknesses, etc 血肉之躯; 人性: It was more than flesh and blood could bear. 这是血肉之躯无法忍受的. go the way of all flesh => way1. in the `flesh in physical bodily form; in person 活生生的; 亲自; 本人: His appearance in the flesh ended the rumours about his death. 他亲自露面使传说他死亡的谣言不攻自灭. * I've got all her records but I've never seen her in the flesh. 我有她的所有唱片, 却从未见过她本人. make one's/sb's `flesh crawl/creep make one/sb feel nervous, frightened or filled with loathing 使自己[某人]感觉紧张﹑ 害怕或厌恶: The mere sight of snakes makes my flesh creep. 我一看见蛇就心惊肉跳. neither fish, flesh nor good red herring => fish1. one's ,own ,flesh and `blood close relatives in one's family 亲人; 近亲; 关系密切的亲属: I'll have to go to my aunt's funeral she was my own flesh and blood after all. 我得参加我姑姑的葬礼--她是我的亲人哪. one's pound of flesh => pound1. a thorn in sb's flesh/side => thorn. the world, the flesh and the devil => world.
> flesh v (phr v) flesh sth out add more details or information to sth 充实(某事物); 增加细节或详情: Your summary will need fleshing out before you present it. 你的总结需要增加一些具体材料再交出.
fleshly adj (fml 文) of the body; sensual or sexual 肉体的; 肉慾的: fleshly lusts 肉慾.
fleshy adj
1 of or like flesh; rather plump (似)肉的; 多肉的; 肥胖的: fleshy arms 胖胳膊 * a fleshy body 肥胖的身体.
2 soft and pulpy 肉质的: fleshy peaches 肉质多的桃.
# `flesh-pots n [pl] (a) (places supplying) good food, wine, etc; luxurious living 美食﹑ 美酒等或供应此类食物的处所; 豪华的生活. (b) places, such as brothels, where sexual desires are satisfied 满足性慾的处所(如妓院).
`flesh-wound n wound that breaks the skin but does not reach the bones or internal organs of the body 皮肉之伤; 轻伤.