1 / fli:t; flit/ n
(a) [C] group of warships, submarines, etc under one commander 舰队. (b) group of ships fishing together 捕鱼船队. (c) [CGp] (usu 通常作 the fleet) all the warships, submarines, etc of a country; navy 一国的全部战舰﹑ 潜水艇等; 海军.
[C] group of aircraft, buses, taxis, etc owned and operated by one organization or travelling together (同一机构的或同时运行的)机群﹑ 公共汽车队﹑ 计程车队等: the company's new fleet of vans 公司的新客货车队.
# ,fleet `admiral officer in the US navy of the highest rank (美国)海军五星上将. =>App 9 见附录9.