2 / fIks; fIks/ n
[C usu sing 通常作单数] (infml 口) awkward or difficult situation 尴尬的境地; 窘况; 困境: be in/get oneself into a fix 处於[使自己陷入]尴尬的境地.
[C] (a) action of finding the position of a ship, an aircraft, etc by taking measurements with a compass, etc (用罗盘对船只﹑ 飞行器等的)方位测定. (b) position found by these means 测出的方位.
[sing] (infml 口) thing arranged dishonestly 不光明正大的安排; 搞鬼; 勾当: Her promotion was a fix, I'm sure. 我敢肯定她的提升有鬼.
[C] (sl 俚) injection of a narcotic drug, eg heroin 注射麻醉品(如海洛因): get oneself a fix 给自己注射毒品.