1 / fIks; fIks/ v
[Tn.pr] fasten (sth) firmly to sth 将(某物)固定到另一物上; 安装: fix a shelf to the wall 把架子装在墙上 * fix a post in the ground 把杆子固定在地上 * (fig 比喻) fix the blame on sb 把过错推诿给某人 * fix sb's name in one's mind, ie make great efforts to remember it 牢记某人的名字.
[Tn.pr] ~ sth on sb/sth direct (esp one's eyes) on sb/sth with steady attention 全神贯注於﹑ (尤指)凝视某人[某物]: Her eyes were fixed on the gun. 她紧盯着那枝枪. * fix one's thoughts/attention on what one is doing 全神贯注地工作.
[Tn] decide (sth) definitely; set or determine 决定(某事物); 确定: The time for our meeting has been fixed already. 我们开会的时间已经确定了. * We will fix the rent at 100 a week. 我们要把租金定为每周100英镑.
[Tn] repair or mend (sth) 修理(某物): My watch has stopped it needs fixing. 我的表停了--需要修理了.
[Tn] put (sth) in order; adjust 整理(某事物); 调整: Let me fix my hair (ie brush and comb it) and I'll be ready. 我梳梳头, 马上就好.
[Tn, Tn.p] ~ sth (up) arrange sth 安排某事物: I'll fix (up) a meeting. 我来安排会议. * I could fix it up with Geoffrey. 我可以和杰弗里商量一下, 把这事安排好.
[Tn] find out (the exact nature, position, time, etc of sth) 确定(某事物的真正性质﹑ 位置﹑ 时间等).
[Tn, Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sth (for sb)(esp US) provide or prepare (esp food) 供给或准备(尤指食物): He's just fixing a snack. 他在准备一点小吃. * Can I fix you a drink? 我给你弄点饮料好吗? * Let me fix supper for you. 我去给你准备晚饭.
[Tn] treat (photographic film, dyed fabric, etc) with a chemical so that the colours do not change or fade (用化学药品)使(摄影底片﹑ 染过的织物等的颜色)固定不变, 定影.
[Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] (infml 口) influence the result or actions of (sth), by unfair or illegal means 作弊: I knew the race was fixed. 我知道这次比赛有鬼. * The jury/judge had been fixed. 有人操纵了陪审团[法官].
[Tn] (infml 口) punish or kill (esp sb who has harmed one); get even with 惩罚或杀死(尤指伤害过自己的人); 报复: I'll fix him so that he never bothers you again. 我来收拾他, 叫他再也不能打扰你.
[I, Tn] (sl 俚) inject oneself with (a narcotic drug) 给自己注射(毒品).
(phr v) fix on sb/sth decide to have sb/sth; choose 决定要某人[某事物]; 选定; 确定: They've fixed on Ashby as the new chairman. 他们决定让阿什比做新的主席. * Have you fixed on a date for the wedding?你们举行婚礼的日期确定了吗? fix sth up repair, redecorate, or adapt sth 修理﹑ 重新装饰或改装某物: He fixed up the cottage before they moved in. 他把农舍修整好, 他们才搬进去. fix sb up (with sth) (infml 口) arrange for sb to have sth; provide sb with sth 为某人安排某事物; 向某人提供某事物: I'll fix you up with a place to stay. 我来给你安排住处. * She's got herself fixed up with a cosy flat. 她弄到了一套舒适的公寓. fix sb with sth (fml 文) direct one's gaze, attention, etc at sb 凝视某人; 注视某人: He fixed her with an angry stare. 他怒目注视着她.
> fixed / fIkst; fIkst/ adj
1 already arranged and decided; not changing; set 已决定的; 确定不变的; 固定的: fixed prices 固定的价格 * a fixed rate of interest 固定的利率.
2 (of ideas, wishes, etc) held firmly and sometimes obsessively (指想法﹑ 愿望等)坚定的, 执着的, 固执的: He had the fixed idea that a woman's place was in the home. 他有个成见, 认为女人的天地是在家里.
3 [attrib 作定语] (of an expression on sb's face) not changing; intent (指表情)不变的, 专注的: a fixed smile, glare, stare, etc 呆板的微笑﹑ 眼睛一动不动的怒视﹑ 目不转睛的注视.
4 [pred 作表语] ~ for sth (infml 口) provided or supplied with sth 供给或供应某物: How are you fixed for money, food, time, etc? 你的钱﹑ 食物﹑ 时间等是怎麽来的?
5 (idm 习语) (of) ,no fixed a`bode/ad`dress (law 律) (having) no permanent place to live in 无固定住所[住址](的): Lovejoy, of no fixed abode, was charged with murder. 洛夫乔伊, 居无定所, 被控谋杀. fixedly / 5fIksIdlI; `fIksIdlI/ adv without altering one's gaze; intently 目不转睛地; 专注地: stare fixedly at sb 目不转睛地注视某人. fixed `assets permanent business assets, eg buildings and equipment 固定资产(如建筑物和设备). Cf 参看 current assets (current1). fixed `costs business costs that do not vary with the amount of work produced 固定成本(不随产量变化而变动的企业成本). ,fixed `star star so far from the earth that it seems to have no movement 恒星.
fixer / 5fIksE(r); `fIksL/ n 1 (infml 口) person who makes (usu illegal) arrangements 代为做(通常为非法的)安排的人. 2 (chemical) substance that fixes (fix1 9) photographs or dyes 定影剂; 定色剂.
fixity / 5fIksItI; `fIksEtI/ n [U] ~ of sth quality of being fixed; firmness 固定性; 稳定性: She displayed great fixity of purpose. 她目标始终如一.