1 / fIt; fIt/ adj (-tter, -ttest)
[usu pred 通常作表语] ~ for sb/sth; ~ to do sth suitable or suited for sb/sth; well adapted for sb/sth; good enough for sb/sth 对某人[某事物]适宜; 合适; 适当: a land fit for heroes to live in 适合英雄生活的国土 * The food was not fit for human consumption/not fit to eat, ie was too bad to be eaten. 这食物不适宜人吃.
[usu pred 通常作表语] ~ to do sth (infml 口) in such a condition as to be likely or ready to do or suffer sth specified 可能或准备做某事物; 可能或准备受罪: They worked till they were fit to drop, ie likely to collapse from exhaustion. 他们一直工作到快要累垮了. * He's so angry that he's in no fit state to see anyone. 他气成那个样子, 简直无法见人. * (used as an adv after a v and to + infinitive 用作副词, 在动词 及to+不定式之後) He laughed fit to burst. 他要笑破肚子了. * His shouting was fit (ie loud enough) to wake the dead. 他大喊大叫都要把死人吵醒了.
~ (for sth/to do sth) in good health, esp because of regular physical exercise 健康的(尤指因经常锻炼): World-class athletes are extremely fit. 具有国际水平的运动员体格非常好. * He's been ill and isn't fit for work yet. 他一直在生病, 尚不能工作. * He keeps himself fit by running 5 miles every day. 他每天跑5英里以保持身体健康. * fighting fit, ie in very good physical condition and ready for energetic action 健壮而精力充沛. => Usage at healthy用法见healthy.
(fml 文) suitable and right, usu according to accepted social standards 恰当的; 正当的; 得体的: As George introduced Peter and Sarah it is only fit (and proper) that he should be best man at their wedding. 因是乔治介绍彼得与萨拉相识的, 由他来作他们婚礼的男傧相是最合适的.
(idm 习语) (as) ,fit as a ,fiddle in very good physical condition 非常健康: I felt as fit as a fiddle after my walking holiday. 我经过假期徒步旅行, 身体极好. see/think `fit (to do sth) consider it correct, convenient or acceptable (to do sth); decide or choose 认为(做某事)为正当的﹑ 适宜的或得体的; 决定; 愿意: The newspaper did not see fit to publish my letter. 该报认为不宜发表我的信. * Do as you think fit. 你认为怎麽做好就怎麽做吧.
> fitness n [U]
1 condition of being physically fit 健康: In many sports (physical) fitness is not as important as technique. 在许多体育运动中, 体能没有技巧重要.
2 ~ for sth/to do sth suitability for sth 适合某事物: Her fitness for the job cannot be questioned. 她能胜任这项工作, 这是无庸置疑的.