/ fIEs; fIrs/ adj (-r, -st)
violent and angry 凶猛的; 凶狠的; 愤怒的: fierce dogs, winds, attacks 恶狗﹑ 强风﹑ 猛攻 * look fierce/have a fierce look 样子凶恶.
(a) intense 强烈的; 极度的: fierce concentration, loyalty, hatred 极端集中﹑ 忠诚﹑ 痛恨. (b) unpleasantly or uncontrollably strong 酷烈的; 激烈的: fierce heat 酷热 * His plan met with fierce opposition. 他的计画遭到激烈反对. > fiercely adv. fierceness n [U].