2 / fi:l; fil/ n [sing]
act of feeling 摸; 触; 触摸: Let me have a feel. 让我摸摸.
the feel sense of touch 触觉: rough, smooth, etc to the feel, ie when touched or felt 摸起来感到粗糙﹑ 平滑等.
the feel (a) sensation that sth gives when touching or being touched 触摸和被触摸时的感觉: You can tell it's silk by the feel. 你摸摸就知道是绸缎. * She loved the feel of the sun on her skin. 她喜欢太阳照射在皮肤上的那种感觉. (b) sensation created by a situation, etc (环境等给人造成的)感觉, 感受: the feel of the place, the meeting, the occasion 某地方﹑ 会议﹑ 场合的气氛的感受.
(idm 习语) get the feel of sth/of doing sth (infml 口) become familiar with (doing) sth 开始熟悉(做)某事: You haven't got the feel of the gears in this car yet. 你对这辆汽车的排挡还不熟悉. have a feel for sth (infml 口) have a sensitive appreciation or an easy understanding of sth 对某事物有敏锐的鉴赏力或很强的理解力: He has a good feel for languages. 他很有语感.