/ 5fi:tFE(r); `fitFL/ n
(a) [C] one of the named parts of the face (eg nose, mouth, eyes) which together form its appearance 面部的一部分(如鼻﹑ 口﹑ 眼): His eyes are his most striking feature. 他面部最突出的部分是那双眼睛. =>illus at head 见head插图. (b) features [pl] face viewed as a whole 面貌; 容貌: a woman of handsome, striking, delicate, etc features 相貌漂亮﹑ 动人﹑ 秀气等的女子.
[C] distinctive characteristic; aspect 特徵; 特色; 特点: an interesting feature of city life 城市生活的一个有趣特点 * memorable features of the Scottish landscape 苏格兰景色中令人难忘的特徵 * Many examples and extra grammatical information are among the special features of this dictionary. 本词典别具特色, 诸如例证多及新增语法要点等.
[C] (a) ~ (on sb/sth) (in newspapers, television, etc) special or prominent article or programme (about sb/sth) (报纸﹑ 电视等中)(关於某人[某事物]的)特写或专题节目: This magazine will be running a special feature on education next week. 这一杂志下周要发表一篇关於教育的专题文章. (b) full-length film as part of a cinema programme (电影的)正片, 故事片: the main feature following the cartoon 动画片之後的正片 * [attrib 作定语] a feature film 故事片.
> feature 1 v [Tn] give a prominent part to (sb/sth) 给(某人[某事物])以显着地位; 由(某人[某物])主演: a film that features a new French actress 由法国新女星主演的电影. 2 [Ipr] ~ in sth have an important or prominent part in sth 在某事物中起重要作用或扮演主要角色: Does a new job feature in your future plans? 新的工作在你的未来计画中十分重要吗?
featureless adj without distinct features (feature 2); uninteresting 无特色的; 无趣味的.