2 / 5feTE(r); `fZTL/ v
[Tn] cover or fit (sth) with feathers 将羽毛覆盖或装在(某物)上: feather an arrow 给箭装上翎.
[I, Tn] (in rowing) turn (one's oar) so that it passes flat just above the surface of the water (划船时)将(桨叶)持平(略出水面而与水面平行): The crew feathered (their oars) for the last few yards of the race. 在划船比赛到最後几码时, 全体队员回桨时把桨叶持平.
(idm 习语) feather one's (own) `nest (usu derog 通常作贬义) make oneself richer, more comfortable, etc, usu at sb else's expense 使自己更富足﹑ 更舒适等(通常指牺牲他人的利益); 中饱私囊. tar and feather sb => tar1 v