1 / 5feTE(r); `fZTL/ n
any of the many light fringed structures that grow from a bird's skin and cover its body 羽毛. =>illus 见插图.
(idm 习语) birds of a feather => bird. (be) a `feather in one's cap an achievement, etc that one can be proud of 可引以自豪的成就等: Winning the gold medal was yet another feather in her cap. 夺得金牌是她又一值得骄傲的成就. light as air/as a feather => light1. ruffle sb's feathers => ruffle. show the white feather => show2. smooth sb`s ruffled feathers => smooth2. you could have knocked me down with a feather => knock2.
> feathery / 5feTErI; `fZTErI/ adj
1 light and soft like feathers 轻而软的; 似羽毛的: feathery snowflakes 羽毛般的雪片.
2 covered or adorned with feathers 长着羽毛的; 饰有羽毛的: a feathery hat 饰有羽毛的帽子.
# ,feather `bed mattress stuffed with feathers 羽绒褥垫. ,feather-`bed v (-dd-) [Tn] make things easy for (sb), esp by helping financially; pamper 使(某人)安逸或予以方便(尤指资助); 娇养: They have been so feather-bedded in the past that they can't cope with hardship now. 他们一直娇生惯养, 所以现在过不了苦日子.
`feather-brained adj (derog 贬) foolish; silly 愚蠢的; 没头脑的.
`featherweight n 1 boxer weighing between 53.5 and 57 kilograms, next above bantamweight 次轻量级拳击手(体重在53.5至57公斤间, 高於最轻量级).
(a) (infml 口) thing or person that is light in weight 重量轻的物或人. (b) (infml derog 口, 贬) thing or person of little merit or importance 微不足道的事物或人.